Circular Certified

We don’t deal with different grades or multiple tiers, and we will not expect you to either. That is why we have developed computers that are officially “Circular Certified”. A product that looks like new, performs like new but at a price less than a new laptop. A 3 year warranty and all of the quality assurances of a new product along with our confirmed replaced components; LCD, SSD and new Duracell battery.

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Each of our laptops go through a 7 hour remanufacturing process that includes dismantling to component level, full respraying, component upgrade, LCD and media upgrade, SSD replacement, reconstruction, QC testing, packaging, and shipping. 



ISO9001 accredited, with a focus towards British Standard 8887-211 and 8887-220 which are specifically centred around remanufacturing of IT.


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ISO14001 accredited, we have implemented an initiative called Reversal which seeks to reverse the damage the IT industry has done in the production, use and disposal of technology.



OHSAS18001 accredited, and EICC social audit by Intertek.

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Want to understand more? Then why not explore our free resources that delve into the further detail that our accreditation deserves. Our Publications