A Sustainable world through responsible ICT purchasing

A Circular computer will not only deliver the IT performance to meet your needs at unrivalled value for money, it will also deliver positive social, environmental and ethical change.

Every Circular computer is carbon neutral and we plant 5 trees on your behalf to neutralise our production footprint as well. 

You will also know that every laptop has been ethically manufactured and every purchase contributes to an initiative seeking to reverse the environmental damage, pollution and the social inequalities created by the IT industry.


We only deal in enterprise grade performance models from HP, Lenovo, Dell & Apple. The technology is fit for purpose, network, security & infrastructure approved. Most models are Energy Star 6.1, meaning similar or better energy efficiency savings. Circular Computing products deliver the same for less with so much more!

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Our certification, Circular Certified guarantees a good-as-new user experience. Brand new component upgrades including new batteries and new hard drives are standard on every product. We offer a 3 year warranty as standard, offering peace of mind. Products are refurbished in the world's first purpose built $3 million precision factory, accredited to ISO, EICC and British Standard quality processes for remanufacturing. And for complete peace of mind, we sell via your existing and trusted IT service delivery partner.

When you are finished with it - we'll take it back, relieving you of your disposal problem.


Every Circular computer is carbon neutral. By taking each computer back at the end of its useful life, they re-join our process, and are reused again by other companies.

Our sustainable business model is firmly rooted in the principles of the Circular Economy and means we're able to maintain and create a high level of positive environmental impact.

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Circular Computers are environmentally friendly and ethically manufactured.

Our zero carbon footprint initiative, coupled with minimising resource consumption and conflict mining means our products are great news for people and the planet.

We also help and support the creation of sustainable communities in developing countries through our WeForest & reversal initiative. 


Our customers are rewarded with significant savings compared to purchasing a new product. Circular Computing products are the perfect high quality alternative regardless of your budget. Quite simply you get the same for less with no compromise on performance, quality, or service. 

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"I can see an exciting future ahead for Circular Computing’s remanufactured computers as they build the bridge between old and new thinking that enables a balance of performance, sustainability and cost.”


Herbert Reiss, Ex VP & General Manager, Hewlett Packard, Global HP Renew program (1997 – 2008)

Learn more about how we're creating positive social, ethical & environmental impact that unites and aligns the goals of employees, companies and the circular economy.