The Reversal initiative has been created in response to the growing evidence to support detrimental social & environmental impact at the hands of the ICT industry, which is largely unaddressed or misunderstood. 

In our office, the phrase “did you know...” was a frequent conversation starter, followed by a barrage of facts discovered on the journey to building Circular Computing...

What we discovered was mass destruction, on an industrial scale, all in the pursuit of selling new computers. Over several decades this has done irreparable harm to people & our planet. 

Why? Because, for decades the ICT industry has relied on a business model where planned obsolescence is designed into products as standard. Users are fed constant upgrade cycles every 3-4 years, based on the false assumption that “newer is better”.

Our Reversal initiative was born to prove that we can create a successful business and meet the IT needs of other successful businesses whilst reversing some of the damage caused by previous manufacture and disposal of computer and ICT products.