About Circular Computing™


Our mission is simple. To deliver premium, enterprise-grade products that don’t cost the earth. However, we know that our mission won’t succeed if our products don’t deliver.

A lot of refurbished product suppliers claim to deliver the highest quality. We go further by embedding innovation, precision and market-leading standards into every step of our unique remanufacturing process, so our quality is unrivalled.

Today’s laptops are already perfectly fit for purpose. To us, sustainable computing means extending the usable life of enterprise IT by designing out obsolescence and tackling any barriers or reservations amongst the world’s largest corporate IT consumers.

Because IT shouldn’t cost the Earth

Circular Computing™

Across the world, governments are declaring a climate change emergency. We all need to adopt sustainable buying strategies alongside Circular Economy business models. Google has managed to find this balance and has demonstrated hundreds of millions of dollars worth of savings.

Circular Computing™ gives you an easy way of buying leading brand, sustainable, carbon-neutral, enterprise-grade laptops.

Extending the product life of corporate IT is an easy way for large business to improve corporate sustainability, be socially responsible, improve their bottom line and aid the transition to a circular economy

Carbon Neutral
Remanufacturing Process
Reforestation Projects


We carefully select the products we produce. Our purpose-built factory and unique remanufacturing process leaves no cosmetic detail untreated.

Every machine goes through a 100+ point-check. We replace any worn components and upgrade selected components to give them a performance boost.

We work with the same trusted IT reseller channels that supply new products and every laptop is supplied with full warranty for complete peace of mind.

Professor Mark Jolly


We reached the technology plateau forseen by Intel's co-founder, Gordon Moore, some years ago. Billions is invested in creating beautiful laptops but the incremental changes are mainly cosmetic and not technical or performance related.

Our independent study with Cranfield University (2017), supervised by Mark Jolly (left) proved that Circular Computing™ laptops can perform at 97% performance against that of curent new models at the time. As new laptop generations are released, new generations of Circular Computing laptops are also released. Any performance difference is unnoticeable in day to day use.

Independent research from Cranfield University (2017), found that Circular Computing laptops have 97% of the real-world performance when compared against a current model. This is completely unnoticeable in day-to-day office use.

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