Because IT shouldn't cost the Earth

Circular Computing exists to create a more ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way to buy enterprise grade IT.

The world's first remanufactured laptops

We set out on a mission with a simple thought: How can we remanufacture a laptop to be ‘like new’?

For us, ‘new’ meant not simply a cosmetically improved finish, but an intense focus on the performance and reliability of the laptop too. This was pioneering activity, but one we felt confident we could achieve with real focus.

Plans for the construction of the world’s first remanufacturing facility began from here and Circular Computing initiated several research and development journeys to define the ‘how’ and, as of 2021, we have perfected our unique remanufacturing process which has been certified with a BSI Kitemark.

Our remanufactured premium-brand HP, Dell and Lenovo second-user laptops deliver a product with the performance of new models and an RMA of less than 3%.


The viable alternative to 'new'

This is not second-user equipment as you have experienced before; the remanufacturing process goes above and beyond the norm to give a premium-grade second-user product that looks and performs like new, all whilst ensuring carbon-neutral processes and end product.

There are a plethora of sustainability reasons to purchase a Circular Computing remanufactured computer, but we know that accomplishing these sustainability goals would be impossible if our products could not deliver quality and reliability comparable to new.

We support carbon reduction projects

Through our support of clean energy projects, we offset the CO₂ emissions from the remanufacturing process so every Circular Computing™ laptop is a certified Carbon Neutral Plus Product.

As an organisation, we have made a commitment to audit, understand and minimise our own carbon impact on the planet. Our support of clean energy projects enables an immediate, positive effect - allowing us to take ownership of our carbon footprint.

We fully support the carbon credit market as a transitional mechanism to ‘internalise’ the true environmental cost of carbon emissions into economic activities.


If you'd like to start a conversation about using sustainable IT for your business or organisation, please contact us today.