What is sustainable IT?

Understanding Sustainable Information Technology

Sustainable IT, also known as Green IT, covers the manufacturing, use, management and disposal of information technology in a way that minimizes its impact on the environment

Sustainability means different things to different people

Sustainable IT Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing means making products in a way that does not harm the environment.

From reducing the amount of materials and chemicals used during production to environmentally-friendly packaging and making them more energy efficient, there are many ways in which manufacturers can impact sustainability.

There are increasingly strict laws that limit the use of toxic substances, levels of pollution and even the amount of energy a product can use.

Circular Computing™ have taken this a step further by remanufacturing laptops. Rather than use virgin raw materials to build a laptop from scratch, we disassemble, repair and upgrade existing laptops to give the original unit a new lease of life.

Sustainable use & management of IT

Sustainable Information Technology use and management covers the way a company manages its IT assets - from sustainable procurement policies through to managing and extending the asset lifecycle.

Sustainable IT Disposal

Managing the safe disposal of IT assets at their end of life is critical to avoid equipment ending up in landfill where toxic substances can leach into groundwater and pose a long-term health risk.

There are strict laws that regulate the disposal of IT assets to ensure that e-waste is recycled. Even better, do not dispose of the asset earlier than its true end of life - remanufacture it!

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