Why Buy Circular Computing?

You can make a difference...today

Everything we do is designed to create a positive impact.

From our products, remanufacturing processes and the way we run our remanufacturing facility to the way we do business, is designed to create positive impact without compromising the quality or performance of the technology your business needs.

We partner with some of the largest companies in the world and our standards are demanding. 'Tested & working' or 'only minor scratches' are never going to be good enough for us. That is why every laptop goes through an exacting 5+ hour remanufacturing process, undergoes a 100-point quality check and is resprayed in a new soft touch, gloss or matt finish.

Our unique experience is internationally respected, our skill is evident in the product and our remanufacturing process is unique.

The products speak for themselves

Enterprise-grade Performance

Circular computing™ only remanufacture business-class laptops that are used by large businesses worldwide from top brands such as HP, Lenovo and Dell.

These business-class laptops use highly specified components that deliver enterprise-grade performance, are made to last and have built in security and energy saving features not normally found in computers on the high street.

All of our laptops are repaired, upgraded and remanufactured to to meet modern performance expectations. You get a high quality, high spec laptop at a far lower cost than buying brand new.

The most sustainable and ethically produced laptops in the world

Cartbon Neutral Product - Support for One Tree Planted - Support for WeForest
  • Carbon Neutral
    Every laptop you buy is a certified carbon-neutral product
  • Reforestation
    Five trees will be planted for every laptop you buy to compensate for legacy emissions
  • Clean Energy Projects
    Your purchase will support solar, wind and clean energy projects in Africa & Asia
  • Empowering Communities
    You will be supporting projects that have a real impact, help create jobs and empower vulnerable communities

What does Circular Computing™ Officially Certified stand for?

Circular Certified" will deliver you the comfort that you have sourced your product from the most ethical, environmental and sustainable IT supplier on the planet.

Our ISO9001 quality assurance processes incorporate BS8887-211 standard for remanufacturing. We are ISO14001 accredited and OHSAS 18001 meaning we look after our staff with excellent working conditions.

We take great pride in having completed an independent social audit by Intertek on behalf of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) whose Code of Conduct we have adopted. This ensures that our supply chains are safe, our workers are treated with respect and dignity and that business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically.

Our commitment to quality means that if you are a corporate buyer, we provide the same models with consistent quality in the high volumes you need for your own business or to supply to your customers.

We’re different because we know that our mission won’t succeed if our products don’t deliver.

We want to create a world where demand for IT doesn’t come at the cost of our planet and most vulnerable communities. Therefore, we’re determined to make it possible for you to join us on that mission.

Choose Circular Computing™ and make your IT budget go further. Focus on production driven goals and sustainability.

Rest assured that you'll receive a carbon-neutral, remanufactured laptop with a beautiful cosmetic finish that is supported by a warranty you can rely on.

Rethink your IT procurement strategy without fear, uncertainty and doubt. 

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