The Irish sustainable IT procurement strategy

Whether your organisation needs 10 or 10,000 laptops, we deliver consistent and reliable IT for your business requirements.

Sustainable Digital workplaces

Championing responsible tech usage through extending the lifespan of hardware through modularity and moving beyond the traditional 3-4 year IT refresh are key to embracing a sustainable digital workplace. Using analytics to determine who needs new equipment and when will optimise refresh strategies, ensuring efficiency and minimising unnecessary hardware replacements.

Remanufactured laptops embody these principles, and our BSI Kitemark-certified Circular Remanufacturing Process - the first and only in the world - ensures each product produced is ‘equal to or better than new’ as required by BS standard BS8887-220 and BS8887-211, so you can get the volume you need, when you need it.


Remanufactured is not Refurbished. There are no ‘Grade A, B or C’ options: each BSI Kitemark-certified remanufactured laptop produced is the equivalent of a newly manufactured product, with a warranty to match - as required by the BS standard BS8887-220 and BS8887-211

With the average RMA (return rate) of 3% on our remanufactured laptops, we are confident we can make a positive impact on your IT needs.



Improve your company reputation

Employees, stakeholders, industries and governments are increasingly demanding that more businesses are becoming carbon neutral and, in so doing, make a valuable contribution to protecting our planet and its fragile ecosystems.

Early adopters of such initiatives are seeing the commercial and PR benefits of such efforts. Achieving and maintaining carbon neutral status is something businesses can proudly shout about.

Buying a remanufactured laptops demonstrates that sustainability is a part of your core business values and is a real, practical deliverable as part of your corporate social responsibility programs.



We're proud to have helped many organisations in the UK private sector achieve their IT procurement and sustainability goals. From FTSE 500 companies and SMEs, to charities, construction giants and household brand names, we're proud to have supported a wide range of businesses lower their carbon emissions and embrace a sustainable digital workplace.

Below are just a few of the companies we have supported.


Following a successful trial and roll out in 2022, The Royal Mint have been so happy with the performance and quality of our remanufactured laptops, that 2 years on, Circular Computing Remanufactured Laptops are still a part of their IT procurement strategy.

In 2022, The Royal Mint embarked on a new 5-year plan for the business, of which sustainability is at the heart.

A key part of this is the identification and implementation of sustainability improvements across all areas of the organisation including that related to circular economy and net-zero decarbonisation commitments.

After attending a webinar by Circular Computing, The Royal Mint’s Head of Sustainability, Inga Doak, was approached to see if she would like to learn more about carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops

Immediately seeing how this could help the IT team improve their sustainability performance, Inga extended the invite to her IT colleagues as they would be critical stakeholders in any changes proposed.

After a successful trial, a few key conditions arose: the units needed to be compatible with Windows 11 and the laptops needed to last the full 4 years that their current laptops are expected to sustain.

This led to the End User Circular Computing team proposing carbon-neutral remanufactured Lenovo ThinkPad T480 units. To meet The Royal Mint’s specific needs, a flexible procurement approach was offered with staggered deliveries planned for each quarter.

The Royal Mint were so happy with this sustainable IT solution, that 2 years on, Circular Computing Remanufactured Laptops are still a part of their IT procurement strategy.


CC_WWF Logo_200px x 200px

WWF-UK were looking to refresh their IT estate with a solution that would help the charity transition to a sustainable enterprise laptop estate, to continue their emissions reduction journey.

Their requirement was for all laptops to be EPEAT gold rated to support the reduction of their ecological footprint and preserve the planet’s natural resources at the same time. Beyond this, they needed a solution that stacked up against new in terms of the performance, warranty and longevity of the device.

After successfully trialling 50 devices, WWF-UK purchased 510 HP EliteBook 840 G5 remanufactured laptops.

The solution from Circular Computing not only excelled against their demands in terms of operational performance, but the sustainability benefits allowed WWF-UK to play a key role in reducing their environmental impact and carbon footprint. An Advanced Replacement Warranty programme was offered across all devices, matching any brand-new equivalent model offering.

Additionally, as part of the project Circular Computing has bought back nearly 500 laptops from WWF-UK's estate and will look to put them through its recently launched ITAD programme, to give them a second lease of life through remanufacturing. This signifies a truly circular deal and will equal five additional trees being planted for each laptop in the buyback scheme.

"Electronic equipment, although essential to business operations, has a large environmental and social footprint. In our homes we reuse electronics, and many people choose refurbished or preowned tech. Bringing these sustainable consumption practices to the workplace is essential for reducing our ecological footprint and preserving the planet's natural resources. We hope more businesses will follow suit and give remanufactured electronics a try."

LAUREN WISEMAN, Environmental Manager, WWF-UK


CO2 prevented

281 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases prevented at manufacture


Water saved

169.4 million litres of water has been saved from the production of new materials


CO2 sequestered

720 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases sequestered from the atmosphere

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6,005 trees planted through our reforestation partners

CC_Balfour Beatty Logo_200px x 200px

Balfour Beatty saved over £1 million by purchasing 5700 remanufactured carbon-neutral laptops.

These laptops achieved an RMA of just 0.7%, which is significantly lower than the comparative average for buying new.

Along with the cost savings, the company reduced their impact on the environment by purchasing carbon-neutral remanufactured IT equipment.


CO2 prevented

1,800 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases prevented at manufacture


Water saved

1.08 million cubic litres of water has been saved from the production of new materials


CO2 sequestered

3,400 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases sequestered from the atmosphere

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28,500 trees planted through our reforestation partners


Full warranty for your peace of mind

A 1-year return to base (RTB) warranty is offered as standard on all our remanufactured laptop models, which can be increased to a 3-year warranty on the core models.

We will ensure a replacement is sent out the next working day; working from home or in the office, we’ll get them up and running again with minimal downtime.


Achieve sustainability goals

The first step towards becoming a carbon neutral and more sustainable company is to assess your current footprint.

160,000 laptops are disposed of every day in the EU alone. For every new laptop made, an average of 331kg of CO2 is created, 190,000 litres of water is used and 1,200kgs of virgin earth and rock is mined.

To reverse the considerable environmental damage created by the IT industry, we need to make changes in the way we procure IT. By procuring remanufactured laptops instead of buying new, your business will be on the path to a more sustainable future.

Every Circular Computing Remanufactured Laptop Means:

A certified carbon-neutral product through our unique Circular Remanufacturing Process and further funding to carbon-off setting programs

We support social projects that not only create jobs and empower vulnerable communities, but teach renewable farming techniques and conserve the local forests and wildlife

5 trees planted through our reforestation partners for every laptop purchased to be planted in Africa, India, the US and the UK

Supporting solar, wind and clean energy projects across the world


Every Circular Computing remanufactured product is ready to go from delivery.

Our remanufactured business grade HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops come with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD hard drive and Windows 10 Professional installed as standard.

Our core models offer the option for changing internals specific for your business needs: we customise the hard drive, screen, RAM, Operating System, add personalised company branding and more.