The sustainable IT procurement strategy

Whether your organisation needs 10 or 10,000 laptops, we deliver consistent and reliable IT for your business requirements.

Premium quality in volume

Single departments or entire organisations run smoother when everyone is using the same specification, brand and quality of laptop. Our unique remanufacturing process allows us to guarantee a consistent quality of HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops in large volumes.

Due to the current global supply chain problems, organisations need an alternative to buying new to keep their laptop supply levels up. Our remanufactured laptops are available in bulk right now.


There are no ‘Grade A, B or C’ options, we offer just one high quality, which is the highest standard remanufactured laptop we can possibly make. With the average RMA (return rate) of 3% on our remanufactured laptops, we are confident we can make a positive impact on your IT needs.

The awarding of the BSI Kitemark™ certifies that our Circular Remanufacturing Process produces products 'equal to or better than new' as required by the BS standard BS8887-220 and BS8887-211.


Improve your company reputation

Employees, stakeholders, industries and in due course governments are increasingly demanding that more businesses are becoming carbon neutral and, in so doing, make a valuable contribution to protecting our planet and its fragile ecosystems.

Early adopters of such initiatives are seeing the commercial and PR benefits of such efforts. Achieving and maintaining carbon neutral status is something businesses can proudly shout about.

Buying a remanufactured laptops demonstrates that sustainability is a part of your core business values and is a real, practical deliverable as part of your corporate social responsibility programs.


How Balfour Beatty saved over £1 million

Balfour Beatty recently saved over £1 million by purchasing 5700 remanufactured carbon-neutral laptops.

These laptops achieved an RMA of just 0.7%, which is significantly lower than the comparative average for buying new.

Along with the cost savings, the company reduced their impact on the environment by purchasing carbon-neutral remanufactured IT equipment.


CO2 prevented

1,800 tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases prevented at manufacture


CO2 sequestered

3,400 tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases sequestered from the atmosphere


Water saved

1.08 million cubic litres of water has not been used



28,500 trees planted through our reforestation partners

Full warranty for your peace of mind

A 1-year return to base (RTB) warranty is offered as standard on all our remanufactured laptop models, which can be increased to a 3-year warranty on the core models.

We will ensure a replacement is sent out the next working day; working from home or in the office, we’ll get them up and running again with minimal downtime.


Achieve sustainability goals

The first step towards becoming a carbon neutral and more sustainable company is to assess your current footprint.

160,000 laptops are disposed of every day in the EU alone. For every new laptop made, an average of 331kg of CO2 is created, 190,000 litres of water is used and 1,200kgs of virgin earth and rock is mined.

To reverse the considerable environmental damage created by the IT industry, we need to make changes in the way we procure IT. By procuring remanufactured laptops instead of buying new, your business will be on the path to a more sustainable future.

Every Circular Computing remanufactured laptop means:

A certified carbon-neutral product through our unique remanufacturing process and further funding to carbon-offsetting programs

We support social projects that not only create jobs and empower vulnerable communities, but teach renewable farming techniques and conserve the local forests and wildlife

5 trees planted through our reforestation partners for every laptop purchased to be planted in Africa, India, the US and the UK

Supporting solar, wind and clean energy projects across the world


Every Circular Computing remanufactured product is ready to go from delivery.

Our remanufactured business grade HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops come with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD hard drive and Windows 10 Professional installed as standard.

Our core models offer the option for changing internals specific for your business needs: we customise the hard drive, screen, RAM, Operating System, add personalised company branding and more.