Unfortunately, due to unprecendented demand, our Retail Edition laptops are currently unavailable to order online as individual units.  

Circular Computing™ - Because IT shouldn't cost the Earth

remanufactured laptops

Offering 97% of the performance of the latest models
and significant savings compared to brand-new

We have spent years creating a remanufactured product that works, saves money and helps to save the planet at the same time.

HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops now available in California and the US.

HP 840 G3

Sustainable Procurement

Discover the best kept secret in IT Procurement

Circular Computing™ offers you performance IT from brands you know, with three years warranty for your peace of mind. We invest in carbon off-setting and social programmes to impact future generations but most importantly offer a significant cost saving compared to other unsustainable alternatives.

Circular Computing's Environmental
and Social Value

  • 5 trees planted for every laptop to compensate for legacy emissions

  • Every laptop you buy is a certified carbon neutral product

  • You will be supporting solar, wind and clean energy projects across the world

  • You will be supporting projects that have a real impact, help create jobs and empower vulnerable communities

The most sustainable and ethically produced laptops
in the world

Sustainability partners

Helping you to achieve significant cost savings without compromise on quality and achieve progress towards your sustainability goals


See some of the impact our carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops can make on your social value Index/CSR report

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