Some of example of our remanufacturing projects

15,000 Apple Laptops

Case study

Purchased from our US schools partner, we took 15,000 units of an Apple model A1181 over an 8 week period. All the stocks were fully remanufactured, upgraded and resold to the largest B2C seller of Apple products in the UK.

6,500 Lenovo X131 Laptops

Case study

We purchased 2 collections over a 12 week period. Each unit was sent to our partner company in the US, where data was wiped from the hard drives - bespoke to the clients' requirements, before being dispatched to our UAE facility for complete remanufacture.

The stock was subsequently resold back into the Scandinavian education system working with our partner, where it will help school children between 6 – 12 develop their IT skills for the next 3 years - after which we will bring them back into our Circular Computing™ ecosystem, and the process will begin again.

€6 million + HP Laptops & Desktops

Case study

Over a 2 year period we invested over €6 million in HP laptops and desktops. They were sourced from a leading global car manufacturer - working with their partner network. A complete reverse logistics integration was required to make sure operations were dovetailed with the client taking delivery of new stock.

Following our unique remanufacturing process, the units were re-introduced into the corporate sector, through a different network of partners in completely different geographic regions. Produced with different languages on the keyboards, utilising our specialist keyboard printing technology.

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