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Case study

Circular Computing were able to set up laptop specifications to fit the school's requirements and deliver them in a timely fashion without going near the budget limits.


A love of learning for its own sake is at the heart of every lesson and, indeed, conversation. The rich history of the school started as two separate boys and girls establishments in 1971 and they merged in 2013 as a part of the TKAT Multi-Academy Trust to bring together a unified strategy of an excellent education, which gives each and every student the very best chance of securing opportunity.

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The challenges

As with most schools there are certain challenges that come with ensuring an effective IT strategy:

  • Find a new IT supplier due to previous machines not being reliable and extra purchases being necessary
  • The requirement of suitably powerful machines (at least Intel i5 and SSD) to enable heavy software use
  • Avoiding 'clone' machines or budget models such as ChromeBook
  • Budget restraints due to low funding

Jim Turner, the Network Manager at forward thinking TKAT MAT, Chichester High School, is a passionate IT enthusiast that wants the best for his school, its environment, and the childrens' education. Jim has industry experience placing laptops into schools for over 16 years, 8 of which spent at Chichester.

His challenge was to replace his existing stockpile with enterprise grade machines at a restricted budget, whilst obtaining high specs and avoiding budget models known to under-perform.

The process

After meeting Medhurst IT, the relationship blossoming through further consultations to understand Chichester High School as a customer, the solution became 114 remanufactured Circular Computing HP 9470M laptops.

Jim quoted the laptops as 'like new' especially as they came with a - year warranty to reassure the quality aspects, and he included the Medhurst CompuCover accidental damage, knowing that possible knocks could occur.

The results are enterprise IT within budget, set to last the 3/4-year requirement, and an opportunity for IT to contribute significantly to the environmental impact of the school.

The solution

Circular Computing were able to set up internal and external laptops specifications to fit the school's requirements and, with Medhurst, deliver them in a timely fashion, without having to go near the budget limits:

• Intel i5 & 128GB SSD offered as a standard with the option to upgrade if required

114 Remanufactured Circular Computing HP 9470M laptops are the chosen Medhurst IT product

Medhurst deliver cost effective and flexible IT solutions to meet the needs of over 500 education and commercial customers

Circular Computer laptops deliver value at a fraction of the price for equivalent new laptop products, without compromise on the quality

The Results

With Chichester High School looking to further its green initiatives, the Circular Computing concept has helped reduce e-waste, and prevent further CO2 emissions. Jim, inspired by the Circular story, has looked to recycle the previous IT kit by selling and gifting the old laptops to charitable causes and using any funds received to invest into new school extracurricular activities. IT can now do their bit to contribute to the environment.

After this, Chichester High School reordered more laptops following their first purchase.


CO2 prevented

36,024 kg of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases prevented at manufacture


CO2 sequestered

68,400 kg of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases sequestered from the atmosphere


Water saved

21,660,000 litres of water has been saved from the production of new materials



570 trees planted through our reforestation partners

"It was great working with Funding4Education, Circular Computing and Medhurst on our School's next term staff laptop roll out project. I can't  thank  them enough for their support and help.  Sustainability in IT is actually something beyond just words. Real action from Circular does feel like you can make a difference and it's such an important message to demonstrate within Schools."

JIM TURNER, Network Manager, Chichester High School

Quality without compromise

We produce leading brand, carbon neutral remanufactured laptops.

Our BSI Kitemark™ certified process remanufactures laptops ‘to equal or better than new’, with up to 40% cost savings compared to the latest models and an RMA of less than 3%.