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Case study

After a successful initial trial to ensure compliance with performance, quality and network compatibility, King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust decided to rent 400 Dell Latitude Laptops.

King's College hospital

King’s College Hospital is one of the biggest and busiest NHS Trusts in the country, servicing a population of over 1 million people, and acting as a referral centre for millions more.

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The challenges

King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust, as with most NHS Trusts, have been tasked with delivering a new Electronic Patient Records system (EPR) by December 2023.

This highly ambitious EPR programme is costing the NHS hundreds of millions at a time when budgets are being cut and ICT staff are under pressure to deliver higher levels of service with fewer resources. Against a
backdrop of pressure on ICT and budget cuts it was identified that training needed to be provided to 12,000 of their frontline support staff on the new
EPR system. As with many NHS organisations there were no spare laptops available for training and a quick solution needed to be found - one that didn’t break the bank or put a strain on ICT operations.

As they run critical front-line services for patient care, they required robust devices that would be up to the task of hard usage for intensive training sessions by 12,000 staff with no down time

The process

King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust initially engaged with a pre-market exploratory pilot to test the consistency, capability, and performance of Dell Latitude laptops, before committing to wider usage. This initial phase was instrumental in setting the ground for a potentially transformative partnership.

During this due diligence, teams working together from procurement, operations, and ICT had to establish complete satisfaction with the laptop provision, the speed of delivery, warranty, and sustainability outcomes. It was a comprehensive, deeply collaborative process, characterised by rigorous testing and evaluation - all aimed at ensuring our product's alignment with their vision for sustainable and ethical practices

The solution

After a successful initial trial to ensure compliance with performance, quality and network compatibility, King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust decided to rent 400 Dell Latitude Laptops.

The solution from Circular Computing not only excelled against the demands in terms of operational performance and cost savings, but the sustainability benefits enabled a significant reduction in their environmental impact and carbon footprint. Circular Computing also implemented provision of an onsite Advanced Replacement Warranty pool of laptops, ensuring maximum uptime during training.


Significant cost savings were made, laptops were delivered on time and performed as expected with no operational down time for the 12,000 staff that were trained. In addition, this sustainable IT procurement contributes to the NHS’s Green Plan and Net Zero 2045 ambition for Scope 3 emissions.

Julie Dinning, ICT Operations Manager of Kings College Hospital Foundation Trust stated:

"Working together with procurement and operations, we secured a really good deal for the Hospital and this meant we could redeploy budget and resources into other key projects that enable us to deliver excellence in patient care. Circular Computing were a pleasure to deal with and accommodated our tight deadline."



CO2 prevented

126.4 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases prevented at manufacture


CO2 sequestered

240 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases sequestered from the atmosphere


Water saved

76,000,000 litres of water has been saved from the production of new materials



2000 trees planted through our reforestation partners

"The NHS Net Zero commitment requires us to fundamentally rethink every facet of our healthcare system but that’s particularly true in our supply chain which accounts for 80% of emissions. KCH wants to lead the NHS agenda in this area; Reducing and Reusing as well as Recycling."

LORCAN WOODS, Chief Financial Officer at, King’s College Hospital Foundation

Quality without compromise

We produce leading brand, carbon neutral remanufactured laptops.

Our BSI Kitemark™ certified process remanufactures laptops ‘to equal or better than new’, with up to 40% cost savings compared to the latest models and an RMA of less than 3%.