Corporate Social Responsibility

A more responsible IT strategy

Traditionally IT procurement hasn’t been a well-documented focus for CSR strategy. IT and CSR departments have generally been responsible for pursuing quite separate goals, delivering on different business needs. It seems that finding a balance between the two has either been a mystery, or too difficult to accomplish.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility from an IT perspective means minimising harmful environmental and social impact within the supply chain. And that’s where Circular Computing™ comes in.

Choosing Circular Computing™ products as part of your IT procurement strategy maximises positive contribution towards CSR goals, whilst also satisfying the IT requirements of the business. Circular Computing™ laptops are born from an initiative that seeks to reverse the environmental damage created by the IT industry and protects the planet from further aggressive resource consumption. Remanufactured products save significant energy avoiding unnecessary green house gas emissions that add to growing climate change issues.

A newly produced laptop computer has an average carbon footprint of 316kgs CO2eq. A Circular Computing™ Laptop starts a new life with a CO2 footprint of just 50kg CO2eq. By the time it reaches a user’s desk, that footprint will have reached zero and will continue to neutralise for the following years, thanks to its role within the circular economy.

The Circular Comoputing™ process takes care of the end-of-use phase and by re-looping the same product up to four times. This enables us to preserve the embodied resources and energy for many years to come, optimising the environmental benefits.

Ethically Manufactured. Innovation & Leadership.

Circular Computing™ products are remanufactured in our own purpose-built, fully-compliant, state-of-the-art factory - a workplace where we put our people first.

Don't just take our word for it

Did you know that in 2015, 19% of the computer servers deployed by Google were refurbished? Read how Google has saved millions of dollars by adopting circular economy principles and utilising refurbished hardware: