Leading Sustainable IT

Vitasys is investing for the Future

A business started over 10 years ago by the Netherlands based entrepreneur Andre Hundman, Vitasys has grown to become north Holland’s leading supplier of IT solutions to schools and businesses.

Over 40 employees, a technical engineering competence center, managed print and digital transformation teams mean that Vitasys is well placed to deliver the next generation of service and products to their customers.

At the heart of their success is their focus on customer & employee satisfaction and a philosophy of delivering sustainable products that are great value for money.

Making significant investments into their own sustainability initiatives, running circular economy workshops for their customers and ensuring that their customers, employees and their business all share and enjoy the benefits that these investments bring mean Vitasys is investing for the future.

The time of talking about sustainability alone is behind us; now we are acting upon it.

Vitasys continues to lead the way, together with our customers, suppliers and employees. This means that we innovate throughout the supply chain but with sustainability as a key consideration. We want our customers to have a sustainable choice, but with the quality, security and performance they are accustomed to.

"With Circular Computing™ we now have the opportunity to supply remanufactured laptops with consistent quality. With this we offer a product with proven positive, social and sustainable impact. We are proud that we are an exclusive partner of this wonderful concept."

Danny Verdonk (Sustainable Development Manager - Vitasys)

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