Carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops available now

97% performance of new models

RMA is less than 3%

Up to 3 year warranty

A new channel in sustainable IT

Lenovo T460 - Denmark

Enterprise-grade, leading brand laptops

We have spent years creating a remanufactured product that works, saves money and helps to save the planet at the same time. Offering 97% of the performance of the latest models* and up to 40% savings compared to brand new.

*Independent study commissioned by Cranfield University

HP, Lenovo and Dell brand laptops

The benefits for resellers

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    Consistent supply and consistent quality in volume

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    Provides differentiation for your company in a commodity market

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    Gives you a new, sustainability-driven voice to start a conversation with customers

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    Allows you to compete with MAR channels without risk

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    Gain competitive advantage and establish your reputation early in the rapidly growing sustainable IT segment

The benefits for your customers

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    Enterprise-grade performance and quality from leading, recognized brands

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    97% of the performance and significant cost savings compared to an equivalent new model

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    Complete peace of mind with up to a 3-year warranty on every laptop

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    Fully-tested battery and selected upgraded or replaced components

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    Comprehensive cosmetic detailing ensures every laptop is refinished to exacting standards

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    Microsoft Windows 10 Professional preinstalled (MAR)

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    Sustainability benefits to their organization and the planet

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    Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over the product lifecycle

HP 840 G3 remanufactured laptop

Delivering competitive advantage

  • Differentiation in a commodity market - Circular Computing™ will enable you to supply premium-quality laptops that stand out from the crowd

  • Increased margins - Resellers of Circular Computing™ laptops are able to achieve better margins when compared against new

  • Owning the channel - Circular Computing™ partners have the opportunity to gain ‘first-mover advantage’ by selling the world’s first carbon neutral remanufactured laptops

  • Quality at an unbeatable price point - Delivering near equivalent specification laptops at up to 40% less than buying new

  • More trust and loyalty - The ‘halo effect’ of Circular Computing™ will add to your brand, increase trust and encourage customer loyalty

  • High performance - Independent research has proven Circular Computing™ performance benchmarks of 97% against 7th generation equivalent models from major brands

  • Quality without compromise - The quality of our laptops is so good, people have difficulty believing that they are remanufactured second-user units

  • Disrupting the existing market - Increasingly popular across Europe in public sector, education and local government procurement - Circular Computing™ changes the ‘new vs refurbished’ equation

  • Reliable, consistent supply - The Circular Computing™ state-of-the-art remanufacturing facility complies with ISO9001 compliant quality management systems and the BS 8887-211 British standard to ensure consistent high quality in large volume

Try our free trial unit

If you are not yet convinced, contact us now to request a free Circular Computing™ laptop and find out what is so special about remanufactured for yourself with our 'no-risk, no-obligation' trial unit. We will take care of the rest!

Remanufacturing - quality without compromise

What makes remanufacturing so different?

Cosmetic renewal

Each laptop is dismantled into its major parts. Top covers, bottom covers, palm rests, bezels and keyboards are all fully repaired and repainted. We repaint in matt, gloss and soft touch finishes to match that of the original laptop.


Screen refresh

Screens are fully tested, dismantled and repaired if necessary. 100% of our screens are free from scratches or pressure marks. (Our Premium Edition laptops all have brand new screens)

Remanufacturing process - Inside and outside

Inside and outside

Alongside cosmetic refinishing, every unit is fully tested at component level - any worn or broken components are replaced or upgraded.


Attention to detail

As well as the major components, smaller details such as pointing sticks and laptop feet replacement is built into the remanufacturing process.

Remanufacturing process - cosmetic renewal

Quality control

Rigorous quality control processes during the unique 5+ hour, 100-point remanufacturing, ensures unrivalled quality.


End user experience

Our aim is to deliver our laptops in a manner which is at least on par with a new product experience.

Remanufacturing process - quality control

ISO9001 Remanufacturing process

Each unit goes through a rigorous 5+ hour process. The stages of our 100-point stage accredited remanufacturing process includes:

• Initial inspection

• Disassembly

• Component inspection

• Component remediation

• Cosmetic remediation

• Component replacement and upgrades

• Reassembly and functional testing

• Finishing visual inspection and quality control checks

• ISO9001 accredited processes guarantee consistent remanufactured quality in large volumes

Remanufacturing facility

Bringing sustainable IT to Denmark

As a primary Distributor for sustainable IT, with a wide network of Resellers, Elitecom always strive to be the best in the market. They can only do so by virtue of their close co-operation with their customers.


The Circular Computing™ sustainability ethos and social value

Every remanufactured, carbon-neutral laptop available from Circular Computing™ means:

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    A certified carbon-neutral product through our unique remanufacturing process and carbon-offsetting programs

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    We support social projects that help create jobs and empower vulnerable communities

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    5 trees planted through our reforestation partners for every laptop purchased to be planted in Africa, India, the US and the UK

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    Supporting solar, wind and clean energy projects across the world

More than 100,000 trees planted worldwide!

Circular Computing™ has successfully completed the planting of 100,000 trees worldwide via our reforestation partners WeForest and One Tree Planted.

Through One Tree Planted, Circular Computing™ contributed over 15,000 trees to the California Moonlight Project to repopulate the devastated areas of California after the forest fires; helping to re-claim an important and unique biodiversity hotspot in the process.

With our reforestation partners, Circular Computing™ plants trees in Tanzania, Zambia, the Khasi Hills in India, California in the US and throughout the UK. These on-going projects not only reforest these areas, but also help vulnerable communities and support clean energy projects, boosting local economies, protecting woodland and helping to cool the Earth.

Read more about our reforestation projects

Carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops

Dell, HP and Lenovo remanufactured laptops

Leading brand, carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops, offering 97% of the performance of the latest models (from an independent study commissioned by Cranfield University) and up to 40% savings compared to brand new.

HP, Lenovo and Dell brand laptops

Contact us for more information or to become a partner

Drop us a line if you are interested in becoming a Circular Computing™ reseller for our high-quality, carbon-neutral, remanufactured laptops at competitive prices.

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