Circular Computing™ - Education Edition

The perfect laptop solution for schools, colleges & universities

Which laptop is right for you?

We work with over 600 schools, colleges and education resellers across the UK and Europe offering a range of popular models optimised for the education sector & remanufactured to ISO8887 standards.

  • CPU
    Intel Core-i5 CPU (4th / 5th / 6th Gen)
  • RAM
    8Gb RAM as standard
  • SSD
    240Gb / 256 Gb SSD
  • Batttery
    Tested battery (90-day warranty)
  • Screen
    'Grade A' HD screen (minimum)
  • Wifi
    AC wireless for high speed networking
  • Operating System
    Supplied with OEM Windows License ready for your own imaging
  • Packaging
    Bulk-boxed to keep packaging to a minimum
  • Drop shipping available
    Free UK Delivery
  • Warranty
    3-year advance replacement warranty

Available in large volumes - we can remanufacture up to 5k units / month

Complete peace of mind with a full 3-year advance replacement warranty in the UK

The benefits to education are clear

Chichester High School

With the purchase of 114 laptops, this forward thinking school bought leading-brand remanufactured laptops with a full 3-year warranty at a fraction of the price of buying new.

On top of that, there were significant sustainability benefits from their decision to buy Circular Computing™ laptops:

  • E-waste
    136 tonnes of waste avoided from production of new laptops
  • CO2 prevented at manufacture
    36 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent prevented from manufacturing new laptops
  • Reforestation
    570 trees planted in India and Africa
  • CO2 sequestered
    68 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent sequestered from the atmosphere
Circular Computing™ - 5 trees planted with every laptop bought


Carbon Footprint Standard - Officially Certified Carbon Neutral Product


Circular Computing™ - 5 trees planted with every laptop bought


Discover the best-kept secret in IT procurement in Education

Don't miss out on our laptops for education - join hundreds of other schools across the UK and Europe and make your IT budgets go further.

We understand that quality, reliability and consistency are just as critical as value for money - why not get in touch today to find out more?

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