A win for our new partner, Winoto ApS

Reseller Welcome Winoto-02

Our ever-expanding green IT market in Denmark welcomes Winoto – DIN IT Partner through Elitecom into the circular economy. Winoto brings a fresh approach with their mission of cost-effective IT solutions by adding a down-to-earth, human touch. They were founded in 2007 and since have been working with the vision of offering the Danish business community functional and affordable IT products.

By partnering with Circular Computing™ they can ensure that their IT supply chain is carbon neutral, contributing to the global agenda of reversing the damages of climate change. This positive effect comes with lowered IT costs due to our high-tech remanufacturing process and the knowledge of their actions changing the lives of people in third world and developing countries.

You can learn more about Winoto by visiting their site here: https://www.winoto.dk/gogreen/

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