BSI Case Study: Circular Computing™


Following Circular Computing’s recent Kitemark™ accreditation, our team were invited to speak to the British Standards Institution to help their audience understand exactly what the Kitemark means to us as a business, and how an accreditation like this one, truly elevates us head and shoulders above the competition.

Hear what we had to say:

The journey of achieving such a significant accreditation is not a quick one; there have been years of hard work contributing to this success, with a full team working on improving practices in order to ensure that our internal factory processes and methodologies meet the highest of standards, which in turn, enable these to be recognised.

By demonstrating that we can consistently work to this standard, and that these benchmarks are repeatable and reliable and provide the ideal for remanufacturing. The net result being that we can remanufacture laptop products at volume, to a consistent high standard which represents one single grade in the market: new.

The standard of output, by the very nature of the wording used in the accreditation, is that the products output by the team at Circular Computing are ‘as good as, or better than new’.

Becoming BSI Kitemark certified means that Circular Computing have essentially established a new market vertical that didn’t previously exist.

In the words of our Head of Sustainability, Steve Haskew, “Working with BSI and providing the Kitemark for the standard for remanufactured laptops, provides a framework for the perception to be moved, where the customer has a real alternative to new.”

It’s one thing to take an approach to be more considered about how you operate a business, but to have a certification that echoes that is what will help many of our future customers make better, more informed, more affordable and more sustainable choices when it comes to sourcing sustainable technology.

CEO at Circular Computing, Scott Mac Meekin says, “We can now finally, after all these years, provide an alternative to new, that is in full compliance with the circular economy, and all the benefits that humanity needs.”

Read more about the full event and achievement here.

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