BSI elect to use Circular Computing remanufactured laptops after Kitemark Award

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The British Standards Institution (BSI) has decided to use Circular Computing to reduce its own carbon footprint by utilising remanufactured laptops. The deal will see Circular Computing supply carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops to BSI in the UK, helping the organisation to decarbonise its IT estate and reduce Scope 3 emissions. 

Circular Computing became the world’s first and only BSI Kitemark™ certified company for laptop remanufacturing – a huge breakthrough for the sustainable IT industry. During this thorough auditing and assessment journey, the BSI got to see the Circular Remanufacturing Process first-hand and have now elected to adopt the new, innovative approach themselves. 
For the BSI, by avoiding buying ‘new’ this means the avoidance of more than 11.5 billion litres of water and over 19 million kg of CO2, helping to make a positive impact for the planet, whist saving money. 
Matt Page, Managing Director, BSI, UK & Ireland said, “the creation of more sustainable systems by designing products for reuse, repair or recycling can have hugely positive impacts for people and planet. We are proud to be helping Circular Computing build trust in its innovative and important solution to the sustainability challenge.  

“BSI’s partnership with Circular Computing is a crucial part of our wider goal to decarbonise our organisation. Having awarded the company a Kitemark in 2021, we’re confident that Circular Computing’s remanufactured laptops are reliable, of high quality, and will play a part as crucial pieces of equipment that empower our employees to excel in their work. We look forward to a long-term and fruitful partnership with Circular Computing, as we jointly work to accelerate progress to a more sustainable future.” 

Since its foundation, Circular Computing has had a clear objective: to create a more ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way to buy IT. Its mission was to remanufacture a laptop to ‘like new’ condition not only concentrating on improving the cosmetics of the product, but focusing on the performance and reliability of the laptop too. Circular Computing opened its dedicated remanufacturing facility in 2017 and the constant, iterative process of improving and honing the remanufacturing process culminated in the award of the BSI Kitemark for Remanufactured Laptops in October 2021. This award attests that the standard of the product is ‘equal or better than new’, a gamechanger for the IT industry.  

Every laptop goes through the Circular Remanufacturing Process, a 360 step, 5+ hour journey that returns a used product to at least its original performance, with a warranty that is equivalent to, or better than new, as required by the British standards BS 8887-220 and BS 8887-211.  

After a thorough process of research and development, its unique remanufacturing process was certified with a BSI Kitemark™ – the first in the world for remanufactured laptops and still the only company to hold this accreditation.  
Steve Haskew, Head of Sustainability and Social Leadership at Circular Computing added, “We’re passionate about placing remanufacturing at the centre of the IT industry for years to come. The mountain of e-waste that has been created is the result of people not respecting that technology at the end of its first lifecycle. This isn’t waste but instead next-generation resource. 

“Throughout our journey, the BSI has been fully supportive and engaged with remanufacturing, including the awarding of the Kitemark and we’re excited to be working with them closely as part of this deal.” 

The adherence to these principles and the ensuing BSI Kitemark has enabled Circular Computing to save customers including WWF and the Royal Mint £9-15 million while realising significant environmental benefits. These include 73,000,000 kg of resource preservation, saving 11,500,000,000 litres of water, and reducing 19,280,000 kg of carbon. Crucially, the process generates zero e-waste as a result, something badly needed in the hugely consumptive IT industry. For every laptop sold, five trees are also planted through reforestation partner WeForest, which further contributes to carbon sequestration whilst planting trees in communities that need them. 
Circular Computing look forward to a lengthy relationship with the BSI. After awarding the company with only BSI Kitemark for Remanufactured Laptops, there can be no greater further endorsement than them becoming a customer.  

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