BSI Kitemark™ Will Speed Up Adoption of Remanufactured Tech


TCO Development’s vision is a future where all IT products have an environmentally and socially responsible life cycle. Certifications can steer vendors and industries in a more sustainable direction, as Circular Computing has with its recent BSI Kitemark award. Certifications can also help inform the lengthier process of legislation in the longer term.

With a lack of significant penalties in play for organisations who don’t consider their environmental impact, purchasing power could be the answer.

TCO highlight that it’s often the scope 3 indirect emissions that need urgent attention and require greater public awareness. Extending the lifecycle of the product is critical to reduce emissions. The certified process behind the product lends comfort and credibility to the buyer.

As Soren Enholm, CEO of TCO Development puts it:

“It’s not that easy for purchasers to know what vendors’ products and services to trust, so I think certification definitely brings a value to support the purchases in this.” 

Enholm continues, “I think remanufacturing and the possibility to buy ‘as new’, lowers the threshold for the purchasers, and if they have a good experience of reuse, it will hopefully also make it easier for them to turn more circular going forward.” 

This interview was part of a longer programme called ‘Sustainable Tech: the future reimagined’, which you can watch here.

To find out how you can make your IT purchasing more reliable, sustainable, socially responsible and affordable, then please click here.

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