Carbon-neutral laptops in Austria!

Carbon-neutral laptops in Austria

Following our recently launched partnership with Omega, Austria’s largest domestic IT distributor, the full range of enterprise grade sustainable IT has now arrived in Austria. This includes the introduction of two new models, the HP 840 G2 & G3, available first in Austria with Omega.

For the first time, IT procurement professionals, business managers and schools in Austria can now get great value for money, enterprise-grade laptops, knowing that they are also the world’s most sustainable, ethically produced and eco-friendly computers available.

Green ‘as new’ IT

Over 160 million new laptops are made every year, using critical natural resources and significantly contributing to carbon emissions and climate change. 160,000 laptops are disposed of every day in the EU alone resulting in million tons of e-waste, yet 70% of discarded laptops could be re-used.

Using a circular economy business model, we take thousands of ex-lease computers from large corporations every month. These then go through a rigorous 5-hour remanufacturing process during which they are dismantled, cleaned, repaired, upgraded and refinished in our state of the art, purpose-built remanufacturing facility.

Helping save money and the planet

Organizations across the world which opt for these have already saved millions of dollars, while helping to save the planet.

Omega was chosen to spearhead the drive for Circular Computing in the country as they have demonstrated a passion and a vision of a better future for people and planet.

Günter Neubauer, CEO Omega, commented, “Circular Computing’s affordable and ecologically sound laptops are globally recognized as a world first. We’re delighted to bring them to the Austrian market.”

“There has been increasing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable IT infrastructure in our portfolio. IT disposal costs represent considerable expense for businesses, while re-usable materials are dumped at great cost to the environment. So Circular’s sustainable IT is a win for us, a win for our customers and a win for the planet.”

About Omega

Omega Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. is an owner-managed Austrian company that offers everything to do with modern IT throughout Central Europe, including peripherals: whether as a leading IT wholesaler of all well-known manufacturers or as a provider of IT solutions in the corporate sector. This enabled Omega to achieve total sales of 301 million euros in the financial year 2018/19. The company relies on 28 years of competence and know-how, around 85 highly qualified employees and its own service and logistics centre in Vienna.

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For an overview, full specification and pricing, please download our  catalogue of our core remanufactured laptop models.