Catherine Weetman’s latest book, ‘A Circular Economy Handbook’.

Catherine Weetman's latest book, ‘A Circular Economy Handbook’.

Part of the difficulty with creating change within any area, is getting the greater populous to understand why change is needed and what the benefits are for change. The circular economy is a prime example: it is immeasurably important that these changes away from a linear economy happen, and that they happen soon, but there is still so much confusion and uncertainty surrounding the subject that it is difficult to get the average consumer to grasp the concept, let alone the reality, of how simple this change could actually be. 

Catherine Weetman, an award-winning author and Director of Rethink Global, is changing this by offering talks, workshops, and advice on the circular economy for business and individuals alike. Catherine launched a new book in November 2020, ‘A Circular Economy Handbook’ that examines this, how the circular economy is the only truly viable way forward and, without wishing to divulge too much, there is also a section on Circular Computing™ and our unique remanufacturing process. 

As Circular Computing’s own Steve Haskew said: “When considering the change of gear from a linear to a circular economy, and the need to accelerate this transition, then this handbook delivers on all levels. A well-versed specialist, Catherine [Weetman] describes the themes, measurements and outcomes in a non-technical manner, shining a light and giving practical guidance to implementing this change.” 

“I have had the pleasure of working with Catherine in March 2020 (note: the podcast can be found here: So much has changed, and nothing all at the same time. Well done, Catherine. A massive effort.” 

Everyone at Circular Computing™ wishes Catherine Weetman the greatest of successes with her book, her future endeavours for the circular economy and a resilient, competitive, and sustainable future into 2021 and beyond! 

See Catherine Weetman’s book and discover more about the circular economy for yourself here: 

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