Circular Computing™ partners changing lives in India

Showing various tree sapling species planted

WeForest, one of Circular Computing’s reforestation partners, are continuing their good work around the world as usual – today we shine a spotlight on the Khasi Hills project in India.

Over two million trees have been planted in the area thus far, and the latest figures estimate this could equate to upwards of 500,000 tonnes of CO2 sequestered. The total area restored thus far is 3,383ha; to put that into perspective an international rugby union field is only very slightly larger than 1 hectare, (1.008ha to be precise) so the scale of this project is huge.

The Khasi people have historically been a community very much dependant upon the forest, relying upon it for food, shelter, firewood, medicine, and some spiritual traditions. While the area has in recent years become vulnerable to deforestation for charcoal production, mining, and agriculture – this project has gone some way to ensuring a long and sustainable future for the forest.

This is a prime example of the environmental, societal, and personal benefits that can go with large scale reforestation projects. Local people are gainfully employed with a sustainable income stream and a skill, while the local wildlife have increased habitats, all with thousands of tonnes of carbon being taken from the atmosphere.

Circular Computing™ are proud to partner with WeForest for our tree planting initiatives – look out for updates on more WeForest projects in future blogs as well as details of our other partners, OneTreePlanted. If you can’t wait that long then visit now.

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