Circular Computing Empowers Crisis at Christmas Initiative with Sustainable Tech  

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Looking back on our initiative last Christmas, we at Circular Computing, joined forces with the Aimar Foundation and Crisis, to provide support and services to individuals facing homelessness in London during the Christmas period.   

Crisis at Christmas is a crucial initiative that extends shelter, warmth, food, comfort, and clothing to those experiencing homelessness. Beyond these immediate needs, the initiative also offers comprehensive long-term assistance, addressing housing, training, health, and accommodation requirements. The Aimar Foundation, a committed volunteer organisation, has been a stalwart supporter of Crisis and its annual campaigns since 2008, providing innovative technological solutions and services.

Tackling a Pressing Need  

Beyond furnishing IT solutions to bolster the operational and logistical functions of Crisis’s central warehousing facility, the Aimar Foundation also enhances the IT infrastructure supporting advice services, internet cafés, and back-office operations. Their commitment extends through the festive period, providing robust technology at various hotels and educational institutions annually secured by Crisis.  

However, streamlining operations requires a robust technology infrastructure. Circular Computing supplied HP computers as part of the integrated technology platform provided by the Aimar Foundation, arming both guests and volunteers with indispensable tech tools throughout the festive season.  

Circular Computing has always led the charge in advocating for ethical practices and sustainable solutions. Our mission is clear: to revolutionise the IT industry by creating a circular economy where waste is minimised, and value is maximised. 

Facilitating Connection and Support   

Circular Computing’s HP computers were an essential part of the integrated technology platform used at the event, providing a computer environment for both homeless guests and Crisis volunteers. These devices powered internet cafes across six London locations, offering homeless guests a vital connection to society via secure access to their email accounts and personal documents. The remainder bolstered the operations of Crisis and support volunteers, facilitating the smooth running of the event.  

Moreover, the integration of an Office 365 environment ensured Crisis staff and volunteers could communicate effectively, access necessary information, and efficiently manage logistical considerations – from food and transportation to clothes and supplies. This robust and reliable platform underpinned the successful operation of the event.  

Key to this success was meeting IGEL’s required specifications; 8GB of RAM ensured memory-heavy web apps like Chrome ran smoothly, while the processor’s specs facilitated hardware-accelerated tasks, including video conferencing via the Teams progressive web app.  

The computers played a key role in:  

Linking guests to the wider world: Many homeless individuals depend solely on email for communication and accessing crucial documents. The computers offered secure access to email accounts, providing an essential bridge to society.  

Boosting service delivery: Crisis staff and volunteers used the computers to communicate effectively and optimise operations. This ensured efficient and impactful service provision to guests.  

Exceeding Performance Expectations

The computers not only fulfilled their functional role but surpassed all expectations. As advocates for green IT solutions, Aimar Foundation strives for tech reusability. Historically, they have accepted a 20% failure rate in pre-owned devices to meet minimum delivery requirements. However, Circular Computing’s computer units surpassed their expectations with their negligible failure rate. This reliability enabled them to deploy extra endpoints to meet increased demand during the event.   

Positive Impact & Ethical Solutions

Feedback from both Crisis and Aimar Foundation volunteers has been resoundingly positive. They commended the computers’ performance, reliability, and suitability for the challenging environment. Circular Computing’s commitment to sustainability echoed the organisation’s values, aligning with its mission to generate positive social impact.  

Steve Haskew, Head of Sustainability & Social Leadership; Circular Computing, said.  

“We are immensely proud to have collaborated with Crisis and the Aimar Foundation on this impactful initiative. By providing IT support, we were able to contribute to a more dignified and empowering Christmas experience for hundreds of individuals. This partnership underscores the power of circularity in driving positive social change while championing sustainable IT practices.”  

Simon Clark, CEO Aimar Foundation said.  

“The technology endpoints provided by Circular Computing was indispensable to the success of Crisis at Christmas; they enabled us to deliver vital services, connect guests with the outside world, and foster a more positive and supportive environment. We are deeply grateful for Circular Computing’s partnership and their unwavering commitment to making a difference.”  

Ian Richards – Director Crisis at Christmas said.  

“Circular Computing’s invaluable partnership with Aimar Foundation during last year’s Christmas initiative helped us provide crucial services to London’s homeless community. We leveraged their computing endpoint solutions for various operations, from running internet cafes to streamlining our back-office functions. Their reliable and robust technology, coupled with their dedication to creating a circular economy in IT, makes them indispensable organisations to work with.” 

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