03 September 2019

Circular Computing expert to speak at E-Waste Conference Expo

Circular Computing are proud to announce that our very own Steve Haskew will be speaking at the upcoming E-Waste World Conference & Expo. The two-day event is being held on 14th -15th November in Frankfurt, Germany, with Steve being one of over 80 leading international experts addressing attendees on topics across the spectrum of E-Waste, Recycling, and the Circular Economy.

Steve’s presentation, Zeroing out e-waste by adopting reuse, will cover trends which have led to the e-waste crisis which we are currently seeing, as well as how changes in buyer behaviour and a wider acceptance of remanufacturing and a circular model can help to combat this.

It’s a topic that Steve has been championing for some time now, with it being the basis of his MBA studies after an eye-opening experience with a pharmaceutical company and their extensive, potentially harmful, stockpile of redundant IT. In the years since then, Steve has remained a knowledgeable and outspoken advocate of reuse and the Circular Economy which means it is no surprise that he will present alongside a plethora of other industry experts in Frankfurt this November.

More details on the event and an in-depth interview with Steve can be found here.