Circular Computing™ partners with ATOS

Circular Computing partners with ATOS

Circular Computing is proud to announce our partnership with Atos. Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 107,000 employees and annual revenue of over €11 billion.

European number one in cybersecurity, cloud and high- performance computing, the Atos group provides tailored end-to-end solutions for all industries in 71 countries. A true pioneer in decarbonisation services and products, Atos is committed to a secure and decarbonised digital transformation for its clients. This newly formed partnership will enable Atos to expand its Net Zero Transformation portfolio with carbon-neutral remanufactured laptops to support its clients to reach their sustainability goals.

Earlier this year, Circular Computing was selected to join Scaler, Atos’ open innovation accelerator program for start-ups and SMEs. Circular Computing was selected as it fitted clearly with Atos’ objectives to support its clients with solutions and services to reduce their carbon footprint.

One of the selection criteria for Atos’ Scaler candidates is how they contribute to a decarbonised digital world. Together with Scaler start-ups, they develop new solutions that make decarbonisation a competitive advantage.

Atos initially rolled out the product across its own business to support its Net Zero ambition, make sure it had a thorough understanding of the customer experience, and has now broadened this out to its customers, as part of a digital workplace offering related to lowering emissions.

Today more than 50% of Scaler members support Atos’ leadership in decarbonised digital transformation. One of the selection criteria to join this accelerator program for the candidates is how they contribute to a decarbonised digital world. Together with Scaler start-ups, Atos is focused on developing new solutions that make decarbonisation a competitive advantage.  

Jason Warren, VP Head of NetZero Portfolio at Atos said:

“Circular Computing’s manufacturing facilities, alongside shared values and innovative culture made them the perfect partner for our broader sustainability scope of work as part of our Net Zero Ambition. The company stood out as the perfect choice for our Scaler program and is a fantastic companion to our commitment to decarbonised digital. This partnership will deliver tangible savings not just for our business, but for the planet and our customers.”

Rod Neale, Circular Computing’s Founder said: 

We’re proud to partner with Atos to help them deliver on their Net Zero plans in the coming years. The IT channel for years has tried to legitimately provide product that has been used, by calling it refurbished or grade ‘A’, but consumers need assurances and consistency which you just don’t get from a refurbished product. We set up Circular Computing to bring the same level of consistency in supply scale and condition as the brand-new channel. In this way we can supply all our customers with the most sustainable laptop on the planet and deliver all their technology needs, all whilst not asking them to take any risk on the products cosmetic, technical or warranty performance.”

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