Circular Computing™ ReConnects


A company event unlike any other, the ‘ReConnect’ 2-day extravaganza was a golden opportunity for Circular Computing staff to come together in person and share everything from informative and entertaining presentations to meals and refreshments.

The Portsmouth Marriott was the venue and over the 14 and 15th of October, our core workers from marketing and sales to sustainability and logistics had the chance to hear from key speakers and enjoy the stimulation in commodious and comfortable surroundings.


In a packed programme, we heard from our Founder, Rod Neale, who shared an intimate history of Circular Computing from its humble roots through to the remanufacturing titan it is today. CEO Scott Mac Meekin gave us the ‘Big Picture’ with a visionary and in-depth dive into the mechanics of our company, his passion like that of our Founder’s never too far from the tenor of his talk.

Matt Trinder gave us the distinctly human factor, in the form of a heart-warming presentation, of how we donated 100 laptops to care homes at the height of the first COVID lockdown, delivering these essential items himself in a marathon journey throughout Hampshire. It was these ‘peering behind the curtain’ insights that gave us all the unique opportunity to see and hear what we don’t promote for media spotlight or PR gain, but rather gave us the rare chance, during a pandemic, to see our social values in action.

Steve Haskew’s hard-hitting sustainability presentation gave us a dramatic opportunity to see how we are changing the narrative on environmentally responsible behaviour, while pulling no punches on the climate change dilemma that is still with us.


Our redoubtable sales team, represented by Lawrence, Connor and Luke, took us on the ‘Sales Shizzle’ journey and the event ended with rallying calls from Scott and Rod, urging us to ‘get on the right bus’ before an actual bus whisked us off for a lavish meal at Loch Fyne restaurant in Gunwharf Quays.

An undoubted success, ReConnect indeed brought our team back together and joined the dots in terms of where we are going as a company. Meanwhile, keeping us true to where we have been and importantly who we are, coupled with our shared values, will drive us forward as a business.

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