Circular Computing is given the world’s first BSI Kitemark™ for Remanufactured Laptops

Circular Computing

With the seismic news that the Circular Remanufacturing Process has been given the prestigious BSI Kitemark, we believe it will propel remanufactured laptops, of this standard, into the global spotlight.

This achievement has been five years in the making and it is an honour to be the first company worldwide to have been awarded a Kitemark for remanufacturing laptops. The weight of evidence more than suggests that obtaining a Kitemark is not only good for business but has become essential for consumer confidence. It inspires trust, is a mark of international safety and quality and helps aid best practice in business and innovation. These standards of best practice associated with the Kitemark often become habits of excellence.

Gaining a Kitemark is the literal icing on the cake, adding an independent world-leading standard to verify the quality of our process.

Rod Neale, Founder of Circular Computing™ said: “being awarded the first Kitemark for remanufactured laptops is an achievement which will go down in the IT industry history. This is a recognised identifier which shows that we can take sustainable IT into the future without compromising on quality; meaning a better outcome for people, profit and planet.”

Our Unique Circular Remanufacturing Process

We set out on a mission with a simple thought: How can we remanufacture a laptop to be ‘like new’?

For us, ‘new’ meant not simply a cosmetically improved finish, but an intense focus on the performance and reliability of the laptop too. This was pioneering activity, but one we felt confident we could achieve with real focus.

Plans for the construction of the world’s first remanufacturing facility, which we constructed in the UAE, began from here and Circular Computing initiated several research and development journeys to define the ‘how’ and, as of 2021, we have progressed and perfected our unique 360-point stage remanufacturing process.

Our remanufactured premium-brand HP, Dell andLenovo second-user laptops not only deliver a product with 97% performance of the latest new models and an RMA of less than 3%.

Through our extensive 5+ hour remanufacturing process and 360-point quality check, we deliver unrivalled quality and consistency you can rely on.

We remanufacture to BS 8887 standards by our fully qualified technicians within Circular Computing’s purpose-built state of the art production facility.

ISO 9001 accredited processes mean that we can guarantee consistent quality of the same model in large volumes, and, with comprehensive cosmetic detailing, every laptop is refinished to exacting quality standards.

Our laptops are carbon neutral and represent certified sustainable IT for our customers and the wider world of business.

With the recent addition of the BSI Kitemark, we are now at the very forefront of green IT.

What This Award Means

The BSI Kitemark provides yet more credibility for Circular Computing and makes remanufacturing the viable choice in laptop provision for all organisations.

As of March 2021, there are more than 450 individual Kitemark schemes covering products as diverse as printed circuit boards and cattle tags, and services as disparate as financial products and flood protection and we are now an intrinsic part of that.

There are also at present more than 2,500 Kitemark licences, held by, amongst others, Anglian Home Improvements, Chubb Security & Fire Protection, Everest, Hygena, Tarmac and Valor.

The sheer scope of the Kitemark gives us some idea of its importance and prestige. Rubbing shoulders with such businesses proves that Circular Computing™ is at the forefront of remanufacturing (in fact the only company doing so worldwide) and the only one awarded a BSI Kitemark for this revolutionary process.

The Huge Benefits of the Kitemark

Our end users are typically informed CTO/CIOs who want to make a significant cost savings when purchasing IT, as well as following a palpably sustainable path.

By selecting Circular Computing, CTO and CIOs can confidently fulfil both areas.

The Kitemark provides a hallmark of credibility that is recognised worldwide, and the award further advances our company’s position as a global leader in sustainable IT.

The Kitemark is not legally required but is often used as a point of distinction in competitive marketsand is widely trusted: a 2008 YouGov poll showed that almost half (49 per cent) of UK consumers look for a Kitemark when making a purchase. Our prospective and existing customers will be given further encouragement by its existence. Consumers will have yet more confidence and remove any perceived risks to buying a product that is ‘as new’.

The Kitemark is only available from the BSI group. To obtain Kitemark certification, products and services are audited and assessed by BSI Product Services to ensure that they meet the requirements of the relevant British, European, trade association or international specification or standard.

In addition, delivery of the product or service is audited against an accredited quality management system. Once Kitemark licences are issued, licensees are regularly audited and subject to surveillance visits to ensure ongoing compliance.

In essence, the Kitemark is almost akin to a ‘guarantee within a guarantee’, a further boost to end user confidence, with our products being overseen with the unbiased, objective viewpoint of the British Standards Institute.  

Progressing Our Brand with Confidence

Sustainable IT is, of course, a huge benefit to organisations and end users as it represents true green credentials as well as an awareness of planetary resources and how they are used in the production of new laptops.

Adopters of circular economy initiatives, such as the remanufacturing of IT are seeing the commercial and PR benefits of these efforts. Achieving and maintaining carbon neutral status is something that businesses can be rightfully proud of.

The associated ‘halo effect’ from buying remanufactured laptops demonstrates that sustainability is a part of your core business values and is a real, practical deliverable as part of your corporate social responsibility programs and Environmental Social Governance reports.

The wins of positioning IT into the circular economy are palpable, credible and make good business sense. It has become an essential element of today’s business.

The Essential Honour of the Kitemark

It is a great honour and a sterling achievement to have been awarded the BSI Kitemark, especially at a time of company expansion and outward growth. This represents a major milestone on our sustainable IT journey as well as for companies who decide to purchase from us.

Our company has Steve Haskew, Simon De Gruchy, Bilal Nawab and Muhammad Zain from within our ranks to thank for this incredible success. They undertook an 18-month journey to work with BSI to ensure the existence of this certification to even exist.

We will give the final words to Ivana Shepard, Head of Sustainability at Ingram Micro, who neatly summed up our achievement:

“Extending the IT lifecycle with legitimacy, professionalism, purpose and scale, this British Standard certification is a truly brilliant step towards delivering to our customers where they’re increasingly asking for sustainable IT. But without the compromise. Ingram Micro are proud to be the partner of Circular Computing, a true example of the ability to deliver an as new experience on a pre-used product. Brilliant news and something we’re proud to be part of as we push forward with their environmental stewardship”.

Written by Sean Urquhart – Lead Copywriter at Circular Computing™

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