COVID-19 and beyond


One of the difficulties that has plagued Circular Computing™ since it was founded is the balance of selling laptops versus selling our vision. The current conditions around the world mean that selling our laptops is taking care of itself. In fact, our fantastic skeleton crew in the warehouse are working at capacity as companies set up for what could be weeks or even months of working from home. So let us take this opportunity to speak on our mission. Our vision. Why we do what we do.

We feel proud beyond words to be part of a global movement- particularly one as important as sustainable technology. If you want facts, figures and case studies then feel free to explore more of our website. Something that is hopefully more relatable than how many tonnes of e-waste is dumped in developing countries daily, or how many thousands of trees we plant, is the simple fact that we try to make sure our impact on the planet is positive. Carbon-neutral and preventing waste.

The technology industry is responsible for as much atmospheric carbon in any given year as aviation. Businesses in general pump huge quantities of pollutants into the air we breathe on a daily basis. We do not wish to be a part of that, and we believe that consumers should have a right to opt out of it as well. That is what we are here for. To offer a sustainable and, just as importantly, financially viable, alternative.

In recent weeks, while times have been hard, we have seen the best in humanity with people and businesses making decisions with “the greater good” in mind. Individuals knocking on elderly neighbours’ doors. Shops extending or adjusting opening hours to help the vulnerable. When the world eventually does return to some semblance of normality let’s take that mindset of doing good by others and apply it to everyday life.

There needn’t be a crisis to start doing the right thing and if the last few days have shown us anything it is the planet will do its bit if we just give it a chance. Venice’s canal system is clear for the first time in living memory, with dolphins and swans making the most of it*. In areas around the world where quarantines have been put in place or activity is otherwise limited, nature has been reclaiming areas humans usually dominate. This is proof that when we stop actively messing things up Earth can and will heal itself.

Let us be clear. The current COVID-19 situation is not a positive. It is something to be taken very seriously – we have several staff members currently working from home to minimise risk to themselves and their loved ones, and those who are physically at our headquarters are taking extra precautions.

If there is comfort to be taken in these confusing and uncertain times it is in the fact that we have an opportunity to start again. As one global society we have seen the way that nature can repair itself given half a chance. Let’s resolve to do things right by our planet and all its inhabitants. Through our daily actions and decisions, we can make a difference.

With this in mind, why not make your first step to a more sustainable future today by with a carbon-neutral, remanufactured laptop?

*Since this blog was published, it has come to our attention that reports of dolphins in Venice were in fact erroneous, despite being picked up by several seemingly reputable news sources. The pictures which have been flashed across news sites and social media are from miles away at a port in Sardinia in the Mediterranean SeaWe wanted to bring that to your attention because the truth is our most vital weapon in the fight against climate change, but we will not be removing the article as its main point still stands. There is a need for reflection and optimism amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, one that is highlighted by the willingness of the general public and news sources around the world to report these unlikely events as fact. Amongst the noise, the fact remains that a reduction in human activity has benefited the environment. This needs to be at the forefront of our thoughts and behaviours moving forward. 

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