Danish telethon sees 914,223 trees planted

Danish telethon plants 914,000 trees

Denmark Plants Trees is a partnership between TV 2 and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, with a live show hosted by Puk Elgaard and Mikkel Kryger and featuring entertainment and fundraising akin to the likes of Comic relief or Children in Need here in the UK.

The goal of the initiative was to plant a million trees– deciduous species such as oak, beech, and birch – across eight different regions of Denmark covered by TV 2. These trees will create new “Folkeskov” – Folk forests, or forests for people. While the total is currently just show of that figure there is still time to donate at http://danmarkplantertraeer.dk/

Of course the benefits to the environment of tree planting are well known and as such Circular Computing were happy to support the event as sponsors alongside our partners Elitecom. We feel this should be an event that takes place around the world. Maybe we can look forward to a “Britain Plants Trees” televisual spectacular in years to come?

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