How to Deploy a Sustainable ICT Strategy in the Public Sector

How to Deploy a Sustainable ICT Strategy in the Public Sector

In collaboration with KCS Procurement Services, we hosted a free webinar on Thursday 7th April to help public sector organisations understand, plan and deploy for the latest Government ICT sustainability strategies.

We had a panel of Neil Godfrey (CIO at East of England Ambulance Service) and Sam Lain-Rose (Digital Lead at Kent County Council) who discussed the challenges and successes of implementing a sustainable ICT strategy into their organisations.

You can watch the full webinar replay here:

During the webinar we took the opportunity to ask the audience several polls. Below are two results of the completed polls from the event.

KCS Webinar Poll 01

It was interesting to understand why people attended our public sector webinar.

The overarching results showed that organisations are looking to learn from those who have taken the plunge and delivered a sustainable ICT strategy.

Another poll result showed that lack of awareness and concerns about the quality of sustainable alternatives are a big barrier to adoption. 

KCS Webinar Poll 02

Awareness takes time and it’s great that many of you are already pushing the sustainability agenda within your organisation, whereas quality can be proven instantly with trial units and certifications like our BSI Kitemark™.

22% of participants said that in their public sector organisation only ‘new’ products were being specified. In most cases, new is not the sustainable option.

We’ve covered everything from e-waste to CO2 emissions detailing the impact of buying a brand-new unsustainable laptop to a greener second user remanufactured laptop. Learn more about how your choices and your influence can enable sustainable IT:

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