Earth Hour – 28th March


Earth Hour has grown from humble beginnings as a small “lights out” event in Sydney 13 years ago to what is now a global movement encouraging people to switch off not just lights but all other non-essential devices and contemplate the difference that a change in behaviours could make to our environment.

“We’re the first generation to know we are destroying the planet. And we could be the last that can do anything about it” Earth Hour state on their website, paraphrasing Barack Obama. That statement mirrors the tone of this movement as a whole; serious about the threat our actions pose yet cautiously optimistic that together we can turn things around.

The event is now observed around the world including by a variety of high-profile organisations. The World Wildlife Foundation have created a page on their website encouraging people to get involved and to find out about their own environmental footprint:

The team at Circular Computing will be taking part from their own homes, and we encourage everybody else to do the same. As well as an opportunity to give the planet a short break, this would be an ideal time to make the most of the night sky with drastically reduced light pollution.

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