En stor velkomst til CoMaSys, Denmark

Reseller welcome to CoMaSys

CoMaSys, an abbreviation of “Corporate Management System”, is a company based in Odense, Denmark that facilitate a complete IT hosting solution to companies throughout Denmark through a network of IT companies.

Selling a large range of IT services including virtual servers, remote backups storage, wifi net and services through to training and assistance with many forms of company IT, CoMaSys now also features Circular Computing™ remanufactured laptops as part of their sustainable IT structure.

Featuring an extensive amount of IT knowledge and our remanufactured laptops, CoMaSys and Circular Computing™ can enjoy a long and prosperous relationship encouraging the use of carbon-neutral and sustainable IT throughout Denmark.

Check out their Danish web page featuring Circular Computing’s products here: comasys.dk/circular-computing/

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