Fact-finding, mountain climbing, and building bridges across the Atlantic

SJ at summit Mount Diablo


The Circular Computing™ office has returned to some semblance of normality in the last few days after being strangely quiet for the duration of last week, with Scott Mac Meekin and Steve Johns now back from their recent travels in the USA. The transatlantic trip, which was of course fully offset in terms of carbon emissions, gave the pair a chance to meet existing and hopefully future partners as well as introducing Circular Computing™ to a whole new audience, seeing a few sights along the way.

Mr Johns climbed a literal mountain (Mount Diablo, CA.) to spread the word but stopped short of reading from stone tablets, instead opting for some more modern and more fitting foamex circular signs. A training session with SYNNEX’s SID (Systems Integrator Division) team led to some great insights, bonding, and of course more photo opportunities. Steve also took time out from his busy schedule to catch up with Shane Puthuparambil, an Environmental Science major at Berkeley. The meeting was educational for both; Circular Computing™ look forward to watching Shane continue to excel in his studies and become exactly the type of sustainability leader the world needs.

Steve met up with Circular Computing’s CEO Scott Mac Meekin in Scottsdale, Arizona and both attended SYNNEX’s Education Retreat. As expected, there were plenty of very positive conversations to be had and we were pleased to announce that we had planted 1,000 trees in order to offset the travel of not only the Circular Computing™ contingent but of everyone in attendance. Special mention goes to Tom Macak who won our prize draw and walked away with a  Circular Computing™ remanufactured HP 840 G3 with 8GB of RAM , a HD screen, and a 3-year warranty.  Overall, a very positive trip across the pond and well worth the exhaustion etched on the Steve and Scott’s faces Monday morning. 

The whole Education retreat was run from a remanufactured, carbon-neutral laptop. You can get one yourself here: https://circularcomputing.com/edition/retail-edition/

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