Gartner’s IT Net Zero roadmap


IT Leaders: Your IT Net Zero Roadmap Starts Now 

Gartner’s latest report presented by Gartner Principal Analyst, Shanna Grafeld, at the recent IT Symposium, uncovers the need to set not only a Net Zero Roadmap for your organisation but also one for your IT. The message was clear cut: current sustainable IT efforts, though commendable, merely touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to achieving ambitious Net Zero goals. For organisations to genuinely make a difference, a Net Zero roadmap is not enough – it is vital for organisations to have a dedicated IT Net Zero roadmap

Worldwide tech energy consumption is on a concerning path. Currently sitting at 0.9% in 2023, it’s projected to surpass a whopping 6% by 2030. This steep rise, driven by factors such as AI and data proliferation, calls for immediate action. Gartner predicts increased electricity shortages due to unsustainable IT practices, underlining the urgent need for a paradigm shift within the industry. 

Actionable Strategies for Sustainable IT 

Grafeld provided IT leaders with a clear roadmap for achieving Net Zero, outlining key action points: 

Develop an IT Net Zero Roadmap: Aligned with your organisation’s broader Net Zero goals, this roadmap should define specific targets and timelines for reducing your IT footprint. This ensures a focused and measurable approach to sustainability. 

Optimise Data Centre Efficiency: Investigate and implement energy-efficient technologies within your data centres. Team up with cloud providers committed to utilising renewable energy sources, maximising the positive impact of your digital infrastructure. 

Embrace the Sustainable Digital Workplace: Organisations should champion responsible tech usage, endorsing a culture of sustainability and informed decision-making amongst employees. Priority should be given to extending the lifespan of hardware through modularity, advocating for repair and upgrade rather than replacement. Utilising data-backed insights, fine-tuning rejuvenation cycles, and moving beyond the traditional 3–4-year IT refresh. 

Manage Data Growth: Implement effective data governance practices to control data sprawl and reduce associated energy consumption. By streamlining your data landscape, you can significantly contribute to a more sustainable IT environment. 

Prioritise Renewable Energy: Utilise renewable energy sources for your IT operations, ensuring you’re powered by clean and sustainable resources. Explore carbon offsets to bridge any gaps, supporting projects that actively reduce carbon emissions elsewhere. 

Beyond Hardware: Empowering Sustainable Practices 

Grafeld emphasised the importance of understanding your digital workplace emissions hotspots. Moving the conversation beyond hardware, Grafeld stressed the critical role of employee engagement. Educating employees about the “energy ignorance” associated with their tech usage is crucial. Implementing nudges, gamification, and awareness campaigns can embed sustainability into your organisational culture.  

Modularity, Analytics, and Circular Economy Principles 

Grafeld championed modularity as a key factor in accelerating digital workplace sustainability. Finding hardware that can be repaired and upgraded extends its life cycle, reduces waste, and extends the value of your IT assets.  

Additionally, using analytics to determine who needs new equipment and when will optimise device refresh strategies, ensuring efficiency and minimising unnecessary hardware replacements.  

Grafeld’s call for circular economy principles also resonated throughout. Remanufactured laptops embody these principles, giving used devices a new, longer lease of life and reducing waste while creating value.  

Gartner highlights the importance of modularity – which is all about the right to repair. We believe this is a way to accelerate an organisation’s journey to net zero and stop the harmful cycle of take, make, use, and dispose of the linear economy.  

At Circular Computing, we’re firm believers in the circular economy principles. Our remanufactured laptops embody these principles, giving used devices a new lease of life, and reducing waste while creating value. To learn more about how remanufactured laptops contribute to a circular economy, please visit this link:  

Join the Net Zero Journey: Time for Action 

Gartner’s call to action for a net zero IT roadmap isn’t responding to a trend: it’s about making a pivotal change, a commitment to our shared future. By adopting Grafeld’s actionable strategies and aligning with sustainability leaders like Circular Computing, organisations can not only contribute to a greener planet but also realise significant benefits: 

Cost Savings: Opting for our remanufactured laptops can lead to substantial cost savings compared to new models. It’s a win-win situation – you extend your budget while simultaneously reducing your environmental footprint. 

Enhanced Brand Image: Showcasing your commitment to sustainability through responsible IT practices can significantly boost your brand image, attracting customers, investors and employees who prioritise environmental responsibility. 

Increased Employee Engagement: Fostering a sustainable workplace isn’t just good for the planet; it’s also beneficial for your team. Encouraging employees to partake in eco-friendly initiatives creates a sense of purpose and belonging, leading to heightened engagement and productivity. 

Reduced Regulatory Risk: Being proactive in adopting sustainable practices helps you stay ahead of evolving environmental regulations, minimising the risk of regulatory penalties, and ensuring your organisation remains compliant and competitive. 

By partnering with Circular Computing, you’re not just choosing a supplier. You’re gaining an ally with the expertise and resources needed to create a more sustainable IT environment, contributing to a future where technology empowers both businesses and our planet. 

Start Your Net Zero Journey Today 

The time for action is now. Gartner’s IT Net Zero roadmap provides the steps, and we at Circular Computing are ready to support your organisation on this crucial journey. Together, let’s build a more sustainable future for IT. 

Because IT shouldn’t cost the Earth.

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