Webinar: Getting the IT Sector Ready for New UK Sustainability Policies 

Webinar Getting the IT Sector Ready for New UK Sustainability Policies

On Thursday 3rd February our Head of Sustainability, Steve Haskew, was joined by Adam Turner, HMG Sustainable Technology Lead for DEFRA, and Grant Morley, Climate Change and Sustainability Lead for the UK MOD as they discussed the new UK sustainability policies. 

Aligning with the UK’s sustainability policies is a major shift that all public entities will need to make in the coming few years. The webinar explores key insights into two major public departments and how they are aiming to align with sustainability in all departments, inclusive of the technology space.  

The key topics that were discussed in the webinar included: 

  • PPN 06/20 and PPN 06/21 
  • The 2025 Greening Government IT strategy 
  • The public sectors three rules of engagement which focuses on Net Zero, Circularity and Assurance that suppliers need to address when working with the public sector 

You can watch the full webinar on catch up here: 

Circular Computing™ is helping public procurement departments all over the UK, with a great example being the East of England Ambulance Service. Contact us today to stat your sustainable IT journey.  

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