Google’s Matt Brittin on Kitemark Announcement Delivering Crucial Trust

Google’s Matt Brittin on Kitemark Announcement Delivering Crucial Trust

It’s becoming essential for our technology to have zero impact on the environment, as well as being accessible for all, particularly in times of crisis, such as lockdown. Ensuring children can connect to schools for learning, for example, is critical. 

At Circular Computing, our remanufactured technology helps make technology more accessible by offering more affordable laptops, while also reducing the environmental and social responsibility risks.

Google impressively reached their goal of becoming carbon neutral back in 2007 and are now working toward a goal of being carbon free by 2030.

By setting bold goals, learning the ‘how’ in terms of reaching these goals, and sharing that information with other organisations, a key strategy is formed to help more organisations reach their sustainable goals sooner. 

As Matt Brittin, President, EMEA Business & Operations, Google succinctly explained: “Half the planet is online and the other half’s coming, so it’s [technology] essential to what we do… we want to make sure that every time we use technology that we’re not adding to the climate crisis.”  

“The remanufacturing standard that’s being launched is really helpful in people being able to trust that a recycled machine is something that they can use safely – I think that level of confidence will help us get connectively and digital access to many, many more people.” 

This interview was part of a longer programme called ‘Sustainable Tech: the future reimagined’, which you can watch here.

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