Green light at the end of the tunnel?

Green light at the end of the tunnel

Sir David Attenborough, Circular Computing and now our MPs – the UK is a green revolution influencer!

Following the history-making news that we are the first country in the world to declare an ‘environment and climate emergency’, we are bursting with pride at the fact that we can look our children in the eye and say that we are doing something about it.

UK businesses are leading the drive for net zero greenhouse gas emissions and delivering on the aim to reduce warming via goals set by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) – kudos to Tesco and BT among others which are pushing the agenda even harder to meet the ‘ambitious’ 1.5C target.

A huge number of businesses globally are also now onboard with the world’s first carbon-neutral computers – only available from a company proud to be British – us.

New agreements

Four more (and counting) countries across Europe have recently signed up for the Circular Computing remanufacturing revolution. Tens of thousands of our gleaming enterprise-grade remanufactured leading brand laptop models from our purpose-built, multi-million pound factory are winging their way across the globe.

We are halting the use of the Earth’s precious ‘conflict’ resources that go into making 160 million laptops each year, a whopping 160,000 of which are disposed of daily just in Europe.

Last month, our exciting deal to supply the entire US customer base of Fortune 200 services giant, SYNNEX, will see us investing in more high-impact clean energy, social and reforestation projects there – and that includes planting 1.5 million trees for a start!

When young people are no longer given the luxury of viewing natural history programmes as a celebration of beauty, more an identification of threat, we know there’s no time to waste.

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