Herbert Reiss

Herbert Reiss

“It is clear that the ICT sector is entering a new phase – where resource efficiency, sustainability, technology, the environment and of course capital costs are all competing drivers within the mindsets of purchasers.

Today’s customers are unwilling to pay a premium for incremental improvements in hardware performance, and therefore high quality remanufactured products will open up new opportunities in the market.

I can see an exciting future ahead for Circular Computing’s™ remanufactured computers as they build the bridge between old and new thinking that enables a balance of performance, sustainability and cost.”

About Herbert Reiss

Herbert Reiss has more than 30 years of experience in international management positions, most recently, until the end of 2008, Head of a global business unit as Vice President & General Manager at Hewlett-Packard Co for the HP Renew program, HP’s remanufacturing and sales organisation.

Since 2009 he has been an independent company consultant in his company Change Leader as well as a lecturer at 2 international universities. His areas of expertise are leadership and leadership culture as well as change management. As a lecturer at the HFU Furtwangen-Schwenningen and at ESB Reutlingen, he teaches the topic of “Corporate Culture & Leadership” in international Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses.



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