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Ingram Micro

The partnership between Circular Computing™ and Ingram Micro further indicates mainstream acceptance of these best-in-class remanufactured Dell, HP and Lenovo laptops and the IT industry taking steps to address its carbon footprint.

12th May, 2021, London, UK – Sustainable IT specialist, Circular Computing™ has signed an agreement with Ingram Micro which will mean their resellers and their customers will now have easy access to carbon-neutral remanufactured Dell, HP and Lenovo laptops.

Michael Farrah, Senior Commercial Director at Ingram Micro commented on the new partnership. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Circular Computing™, not only so we can offer our customers best-in-class remanufactured laptops, but also so we can offer a genuinely sustainable solution for the provision of IT equipment. Sustainability is high on the agenda in the IT industry and we feel that this partnership can be a significant contributor towards improving sustainability and re-enforcing the benefits of the circular economy.

Circular Computing™ have invested years of research and development and built a state-of-the-art facility to get to this point – where a remanufactured laptop can have reliability that is comparable to new and they can be produced in their thousands to the same high standard of quality.


Unlike refurbished IT equipment, which depending on the provider can be inconsistent and unreliable, remanufactured laptops go through a rigorous 300-step process and quality control procedures to ensure they meet the needs of enterprise users and have been proven to perform at 97 percent of equivalent new devices.

Rod Neale, Founder of Circular Computing™, said: “We are delighted to be joining forces with a giant of the IT industry to offer our product to a much wider network of companies and organisations. For many years, we focused on creating the right product as we knew offering reliability and high-performance, alongside a carbon-neutral laptop, was crucial to its success. We now need to let the world know about it and challenge IT leaders to rethink their procurement strategy.”

Remanufacturing laptops reuses most of the original device therefore the emissions, water use, and resources needing to be mined are significantly reduced versus new equipment – they are also up to 40 percent lower cost.

To find out more about remanufactured laptops and sustainable IT, explore the Circular Computing™ website further.

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