Ingram Micro Hail Remanufactured as ‘Industry Utopia’

Ingram Micro

Major IT reseller and Circular Computing sustainability partner, Ingram Micro, have highlighted the increase in commitment to longer term sustainability goals for businesses, as well as their responsibility to echo this commitment through their supply chain.

Industries are paying more attention to matters beyond profit, considering environmental and social issues. Generation Z are being granted a greater buying power and feel that the social and environmental performance of a business is important.

Refurbished products don’t traditionally put the buyer at ease, due to the lack of consistency, reliability, and scalability of buying ‘used’. However, certifying the remanufacturing process removes this barrier.

As John Mayer, VP of Channel Financing at Ingram Micro put it:

“They [Circular Computing] actually accomplished the impossible…being able to go out with something that’s remanufactured new, with a reduction in cost that is new, and then being able to do multiple livestreams of a product line – it’s really what we call the utopia in the industry.” 

Businesses, individuals, resellers, and manufacturers need to work together with government to truly educate end users and have a positive impact on reaching critical sustainability targets. 

As Ivana Shepard, Global Sustainability Lead at Ingram Micro sums up:

“IT can also be a great tool in helping other sectors achieve emissions reduction and greater sustainability.” 

This interview formed part of a longer programme called ‘Sustainable Tech: the future reimagined’, which you can watch in full here.

To find out how you can make your IT purchasing more reliable, sustainable, socially responsible and affordable, then please click here.

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