Introducing our new partner: Sumillion

Introducing our new partner Sumillion

We are proud to introduce our new reseller partner, Sumillion. As a company Sumillion’s focus is corporate businesses, and they only look to form long term relationships. They achieve this by offering exceptional service. They have an extensive knowledge and understanding of customers’ needs and requirements and always look to offer the right solution first time, every time. They strive to become their customers “Total IT Solutions” partner and a true extension of their IT department.

As John Rose, Business Development Manager of Sumillion succinctly put it:

“We’re excited to be working with Circular Computing whose vision of sustainable economic growth aligns with our own. As a leader in sustainability Sumillion are always looking for industry partners with initiative solutions to tackling the greatest challenges.

Working together gives our customers access to Carbon Neutral Laptops, allowing organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment through their procurement. “

Operating with integrity and passion, they bring high team spirits and morale, to make sure the company runs as smoothly as possible. This unique approach also extends to the charity ethos they have at their core. Sumillion believe not only in the success of their company and staff but also in giving back to the world and their local community too. Every year Sumillion donates 10% of its Profits (PBT) to charity.

The charities they donate to include Enliven Mama Africa (a Ghanaian NGO that aims to enrich the communities of rural Ghana in all kinds of ways, with the help of volunteers); YPI Counselling (the leading youth counselling service in Basingstoke) and the Farm Animal Sanctuary.

They also encourage their staff to be hands on in the distribution of the donations and take a real interest in projects in the local community and see where they can offer real tangible solutions. They also give their staff 2 weeks volunteering leave for local issues.

More information can be found on their website:

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