Irish Public Sector Agreement awarded to Circular Computing in partnership with Green IT for the supply of Remanufactured Notebooks


Circular Computing has been awarded a significant contract worth up to €30M with Ireland’s Department of Public Expenditure, National Development Plan Delivery and Reform. This agreement, facilitated through the Office of Government Procurement, will see Circular Computing supply remanufactured notebooks to the Irish public sector over the next four years. The contract holds the potential for around 15,000 notebooks to be provided annually, supporting Ireland’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

The Irish Government, under its “Buying Greener” Green Public Procurement Strategy and Action Plan, aims that by 2025, at least 80% of newly procured ICT end-user products will meet stringent environmental standards. These standards include being remanufactured or certified to EPEAT Gold or TCO Certified. This contract marks the first time that remanufactured notebooks have been procured within the Irish Public Sector, potentially delivering approximately 60,000 remanufactured notebooks over the four-year term of the agreement.

Green IT has been selected as the sole reseller partner, ensuring that Irish Public Sector customers receive these high-quality remanufactured notebooks. This partnership is expected to help Circular Computing secure a substantial share of the Irish public sector notebook market.

One of the standout features of Circular Computing’s offering is that its remanufactured notebooks are certified by the British Standards Institute’s Kitemark, ensuring they are ‘equal to or better than new’. A peer-reviewed study by Cranfield University confirmed that a Remanufactured Laptops Produce only 6.34% of CO2 compared to an average new notebook, to read in full detail click here . For every Circular Computing remanufactured notebook, approximately 316kg of CO2 emissions are prevented, equating to taking 80 cars off the road for a year for just 1,000 notebooks.

Additionally, the production process saves over 190,000 litres of water per notebook, which would otherwise be used in the extraction, refining, and production processes. The resources needed to create one new laptop amount to 1,200kg of mined and consumed earth materials. By opting for remanufactured notebooks, not only is resource consumption reduced, but e-waste from disposed laptops is also avoided.

Rod Neale, Founder and CEO, Circular Computing, said: “Ireland has a deserved reputation as being a haven for technological innovation and this deal shows how it is also leading the way when it comes to embracing the global shift to remanufactured IT. Over the next four years we look forward to demonstrating the high quality of our products and working with the Government of Ireland to help meet its environmental and climate change goals. This feels like an important first step towards a wider sustainable movement and we are confident that the success of the partnership will pave the way for other countries to follow, aiding the push to Net Zero.”

Circular Computing’s Circular Remanufacturing Process goes beyond superficial improvements, focusing intensively on performance and reliability which provides the end user with peace of mind. When contemplating a used product, using a certified remanufactured product provides the end user with the comfort they need to take a step from the world of ‘new’ to ‘used’ laptops.

Additionally, through its reforestation initiative, the company plants five trees for every device sold, providing employment for vulnerable families and promoting biodiversity. This effort not only creates shade and rainfall but also serves as one of the most effective natural carbon sinks available.

Circular Computing’s new contract with the Irish public sector highlights the growing acceptance and recognition of sustainable technology solutions. This partnership not only furthers Ireland’s ESG objectives but the bold yet de-risked step the Government of Ireland is making, will soon be mirrored by many governments across the EU.

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