Microsoft Show and First Year Celebrations

Microsoft Show 2018

We are back again a year later with our education partner, Medhurst, at their annual partner and client get together and what a year it has been!

We were pleased to again take the stage and speak to the audience about the power of sustainable IT and the opportunity to make a difference within their schools and businesses. We were even more thrilled to see so many schools had already joined the revolution. As Steve Haskew, our Strategic and Commercial Manager represented the impact that Medhurst’s clients have made with their combined efforts (you can take a look at the presentation on Medhurst’s website here) it became apparent that we had some brand ambassadors in the room as the reception to our product was fantastic and the core values and understanding of the issues by Medhurst’s clients were fantastic.

We would like to thank Microsoft for the warm welcome, Medhurst for putting on the event and most of all our users for their passion and commitment towards sustainable IT. Keep up the good work and we look forward to next year!

Because IT shouldn’t cost the Earth.

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