The latest news and updates from Circular Computing™

CompServ Inc. now serves sustainable IT

CompServ Inc. becomes a member of the circular economy thanks to our partners at Synnex. Our new American ...
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The gates open to a new partner, V3Gate

The USA is one of the biggest consumers of information technology on the planet, this is an undeniable ...
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Catherine Weetman's latest book, ‘A Circular Economy Handbook’.

Catherine Weetman’s latest book, ‘A Circular Economy Handbook’.

Part of the difficulty with creating change within any area, is getting the greater populous to understand why ...
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A win for our new partner, Winoto ApS

Our ever-expanding green IT market in Denmark welcomes Winoto – DIN IT Partner through Elitecom into the circular ...
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WeForest in Luanshya, Zambia

Luanshya, located in Zambia’s Copperbelt province has suffered from years of charcoal production and mining. These activities have ...
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New partner roots in TwoTrees Technologies LLC

TwoTrees Technologies LLC finds sustainable roots thanks to our partners at Synnex. Our American reach forever grows and ...
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Another partner in Tekgration

Adding smart solutions to the circular family we proudly welcome Tekgration on board! Thanks to Synnex, we have ...
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WeForest in the Khasi Hills, India

It’s no secret that we have been working with WeForest to plant trees for a more sustainable future. ...
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Data Ranger joins the circular economy

With a firm grasp on the US and Canadian market, Data Ranger Computer Products is joining Circular Computing™’s ...
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