Penny Mourdant MP Says Governments “Can’t Do This by Themselves”

Penny Mourdant MP Says Governments Can’t Do This by Themselves

Penny Mordaunt, Minister of State at the Department for Trade and Industry is passionate about the sustainability opportunities Circular Computing™ provide for the wider industry. Not only have Circular Computing created a new sustainable way to buy technology but are, in Penny’s words, driving the industry to “pull their socks up too.” 

Penny recognises clarity is required around what organisations should be doing to drive meaningful change, and how businesses don’t always actively think about what they are doing within their ranks to advance that progression.  

The Government’s role as she sees it is to aid innovation and sustainability by supporting and connecting organisations to work together to affect positive change. Regarding the government’s sustainability goals, Mourdant says “…governments around the world can’t do this by themselves”.   

She continues, “If we have a clear vision, if we’ve got some really clear ambitions, we should be able to achieve them, but only if we ensure that all sectors are working together around that clear vision, and it is supported by government.”  

This interview was part of a longer programme called ‘Sustainable Tech: the future reimagined’, which you can watch here.

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