Re: Sustainable IT Summit – A Call for Global Action on Sustainable Technology   

Sustainable IT

Circular Computing, a global leader in sustainable IT solutions, is leading the charge for a global plan of action to address the environmental challenges posed by the IT sector. We are delighted to announce we are hosting the Re: Sustainable IT Summit next month, a seminal event that will assemble key figures from the technology sector to help advance the circular economy within the IT sector.    

The IT industry is responsible for generating a staggering 54 million tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) annually, as reported by Statistica, and contributes significantly to carbon dioxide emissions, releasing an astonishing 760 million tonnes each year, according to Allianz.  

The Re: Sustainable IT Summit, taking place on April 23rd in the UAE, and aims to tackle these challenges head-on. This first-of-its-kind summit will host senior stakeholders from all facets of the IT lifecycle, including IT asset disposition (ITAD), distribution, reselling, leasing, and manufacturing. Participants will investigate the benefits of a more circular IT economy, highlighting remanufacturing as a pivotal approach.  

Attendees include Microsoft, Dell, HP and Lenovo alongside the key distributors, ITADs, leasing companies and resellers. The tech giants are assembling to discuss this topic. and beyond to engage in vital discussions on these critical issues.  

The event will take place at Circular Computing’s cutting-edge facility in the UAE, which is the proud owner of the world’s only BSI Kitemark for Remanufactured Laptops and showcase our dedication to sustainable IT practices. In its current guise, this facility can remanufacture up to 20,000 laptops a month, helping to significantly diminish the environmental impact by granting these devices an extended lifespan and diminishing the CO2 output and resource usage.  

As a leaders in sustainable technology, Circular Computing seeks to address the environmental challenges facing the IT sector through a persuasive call to action. We take pride in our carbon-neutral remanufacturing of HP, Dell, and Lenovo laptops, but know it is the whole IT sector that must better meet the needs of both customers and the planet.  

“The IT industry faces significant challenges in transitioning to a more sustainable business model,” says Rod Neale, CEO of Circular Computing.   

“There are financial considerations and established supply chains to navigate. However, achieving environmental benefits requires commercially successful solutions.”  

Neale emphasises the importance of collaboration in achieving a more sustainable IT future. “This summit is a significant milestone because it brings together so many influential voices from across the industry,” he says. “It’s inspiring to see a commitment to environmental responsibility that transcends traditional business rivalries.”  

Vildan Demir, Regional Director at DHL Supply Chain, another committed participant in the summit, highlights the importance of collective action.  

“By joining forces with industry leaders, we can shape the future of technology and build a more resilient and sustainable digital environment,” says Demir. DHL, a global leader in logistics, has pledged a significant investment of $7 billion towards greenhouse gas emission reduction.  

The Re: Sustainable IT Summit has evolved from its initial concept of showcasing Circular Computing’s work in advancing the quality of pre-used IT products. Due to overwhelming industry interest, the event has transformed into a summit focused on driving real change.   

“This is an opportunity for the IT sector to work together and become more sustainable,” says Rakshit Ghura, SVP of Digital Workplace at HCL.  

“The summit will explore how pre-used products can be effectively integrated into mainstream IT channels, traditionally dominated by new devices.”  

Traditionally, there have been challenges associated with integrating pre-used products into channels offering new devices. Concerns around brand equity, product support, and consistency have limited the adoption of pre-used equipment. The innovation in remanufactured laptops, however, offers a compelling solution.  

BSI Kitemark-certified remanufactured products address these concerns. These second-life devices undergo rigorous processes to ensure they meet the same quality standards as new equipment, offering zero risk and zero compromise. This certification bridges the gap between pre-used and brand-new markets, promoting sustainable IT choices without compromising performance or reliability.  

“We need an IT channel where new and pre-used products can co-exist, without sacrificing service standards, product quality, or commercial targets, all while protecting our planet for future generations,” says Rod Neale.  

Studies by Cranfield University quantify the environmental benefits of remanufactured laptops. For each remanufactured laptop produced by Circular Computing, an estimated 316kg of CO2 emissions are avoided. On a larger scale, remanufacturing 1,000 laptops equates to taking 80 cars off the road for a year.  

“Circular Computing is a key component of our Sustainable Digital Workplace offering,” says Jason Warren, VP Head of Cross Portfolio at Atos. “The Re: Sustainable IT Summit is a valuable platform for sharing best practices and driving positive change within the IT channel.”  

The Re: Sustainable IT Summit promises to be a landmark event, bringing together key industry leaders to chart a course towards a more sustainable IT future. For any questions related to the event, then please contact: .

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