“Remanufacturing is the Key To Using Less…” Says Professor at Cranfield University

Remanufacturing is the Key... Says Professor at Cranfield University

The objective is to increase the value we attach to what we produce and ensure we make proper use of the resources we already have available to us. Whilst the environmental debate focusses heavily on energy, we need more organisations to look at how they can introduce a more circular business model for their materials.

Traditionally, businesses and economic models focus on reducing cost and reducing prices, which in turn translates to a reduced value from the user’s perspective on the items we are creating. Perhaps when it comes to manufacturing, economies of scale are not the best bar for ‘good practice’.

As Mark Jolly, Director of Manufacturing at Cranfield University states:

“We have to use less stuff. Remanufacturing is key and a really, really strong method of extending the useful life of our products, and thus the materials in our products, so we that don’t actually have to use as much stuff.”

We need to step away from pointless upgrading and replacing, and maximise repair, remanufacture and reuse. Simplifying what we do create, for an easier deconstruction and reuse, to create ‘cradle to cradle’ products, is the ideal – this is where remanufacturing comes in.

In certifying our remanufacturing process with the BSI (British Standards Institution), Circular Computing™ hope to set the bar and positively impact the industry, encouraging others to follow.

This interview was part of a longer programme called ‘Sustainable Tech: the future reimagined’, which you can watch here.

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