Sending an ‘Out of Office and on Strike’ email this Friday?

Out of Office and on Strike

It won’t be business as usual this Friday as thousands of people leave their workplaces to
take to the streets for what is being billed as the world’s largest climate strike.

Inspired by students all over the world, workers in around 150 countries, including Amazon, Google and Facebook have pledged to walk out on the 20th September to join the students in the streets over their employer’s ‘lack of action’ on climate change.

Some organisations have taken it further and are allowing their employees to take the day out to strike. This includes organisations such as Lush, Patagonia, Keepcup, Ben & Jerry’s and Amnesty International, all enabling their employees to join the global strike whilst encouraging other businesses to do the same.

Research has shown time and time again, that the younger generations, who will inevitably become the majority of each workforce, are likely to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand, and the same goes for finding their employer. Recognising your organisation’s impact on the environment will go a long way with your customers – and indeed your staff.

We at Circular Computing are in full support of the cause that millions of students and workers are striking for today. We hope the people with power hear you and invest in ethical, sustainable and circular solutions.

The issue of climate change is at the heart of why Circular Computing exists. It was the driving force behind our passion for creating the world’s first truly sustainable IT.

It takes 1.7 tonnes of materials and around 190,000 litres of water to make one new laptop, with an average 380kg of CO2 released during its production. So an organization buying 5,000 brand-new laptops for its workforce will contribute 1.9 million kgs CO2 into the atmosphere. Yet e-waste is the world’s fastest growing waste stream.

The stark reality is that while our gadgets and hi-tech tools are often falling in price, they are costing the earth.

Half the world’s economic powers are corporations rather than countries, so businesses are in a unique position to make a real difference in terms of supply chain and product sustainability. Which is why this mass expression of global solidarity with the message to save our world could be so important.

If you’re reading this on Friday at work, don’t fret. Simply sharing your support with your colleagues or on social media can help spread awareness and understanding. At Circular Computing™, we are still in the office and trying to make a difference in our own way, as we do day in, day out.

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