Sustainability Project: Reducing Deforestation In Brazil

Sustainability project: reducing deforestation in Brazil

As a company committed to being carbon neutral, we at Circular Computing™ elected to support the Portel-Pará Brazil REDD Reduced Deforestation project.

It is a project which is close to our hearts and our ethical framework. It also achieves amazing results for the delicate ecosystem of the region, and it is with great pride that we introduce such a project to our customers who are taking this journey with us.

This Portel-Pará REDD project is working to prevent unplanned deforestation in native forests, which has occurred due to logging, squatting and attempts to implement pastures.

This is a hugely impactful development and one which we could not achieve without the participation of our valued customers.

Portel, Pará: The Project In More Detail

The project is expected to avoid over 22 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas emissions over a 40-year period. This will be achieved by managing the land in the form of a “private conservation reserve”, through rigorous monitoring and enforcement.

From 2012 the project has scaled-up its monitoring activities by employing and properly training local villagers for monitoring and enforcement activities.

The Project Area comprises 177,899.5 Ha in 17 privately owned parcels, or “Glebas”, adding up to a total of 194,402.8 Ha in the Portel municipality, located in the Portel micro region.

The local population is comprised mainly of settlers known as “Ribeirinhos”, who live along the rivers and along the smaller tributaries, there are no indigenous communities in the region.

According to the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, this area holds a great diversity and abundance of species, not only important for the maintenance of ecological relationships, but also of socio-economic importance such as Brazil nut trees and other venerable tree species. 

Circular Computing™ is a key partner in this project.

The project is contributing to sustainable development in these areas:

  • Stimulating the creation of jobs linked to forest management,
  • Training in forest management,
  • Supporting critical biodiversity habitats in the region.

These are the core values of the project and by buying our stock, the customer plays a significant role. This cannot be understated, this added value, that they are a vital component of.

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Why Deforestation Is A Crucial Issue

Deforestation and forest degradation account for approximately 11 percent of carbon emissions, more than the entire global transportation sector and second only to the energy sector.

It is now clear that to constrain the impacts of climate change within limits that society will reasonably be able to tolerate, global average temperatures must be stabilized within two degrees Celsius.

This will be practically impossible to achieve without reducing emissions from the forest sector, in addition to other mitigation actions.

The world’s rainforests are being destroyed at an increasingly rapid rate.

To put it into context, an area the size of a football pitch disappears every second – that is over 58 million square miles of forest lost every year.

Even more alarming is the fact that we have already cleared away 50% of what we once had. This points up the essential nature of projects we invest in such as the Portel Para Project.

Also, in terms of biodiversity, deforestation is the number one cause of species extinction globally, and the second leading cause of CO2 emissions.

And if it continues at its current rate, the Earth’s forests could vanish completely within the next 100 years. Portel-Pará is a bulwark against such a downturn and one we are proud to support.

It is amazing to think that laptop sales are part of the vital fuel for such a significant project.

What Portel Pará provides is essential to both planet and population.

Written by Sean Urquhart – Lead Copywriter at Circular Computing™

Take a look at how we’re impacting the world with our reforestation projects here.

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